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Treatment suggestions

Hello everyone, I havent been on here for a while but often read posts with interest. I dont hear much from the old crowd ie. Bob, Hannah, Lucy, Sue, Gemma etc. so I hope you are all alright.

Ive been through quite a lot lately. I think I mentioned my benefit problems before, but just to say that is sorted at long last and Im on full ESA as I cant work due to depression/anxiety.

I have tried part time jobs but hasnt worked out. I recently thought I would get back in touch with the mental health team to get some more treatment.

I saw someone yesterday who told me I have had everything possible over the years. I have had CBT, stress/anxiety control courses, TA and one to one counselling. I asked if there was anything else that I have. She told me we could just look at the information that I have been given and see how I can use it more.

I wasnt really happy with this suggestion at first. Thinking about it now Im thinking it could be a good idea.

What do other people think. Has anybody had any 'talking' therapy that has worked for them.

I have found over the years that talking therapies work for a short time, like weeks, then Im back to square one.

I have found depression never goes away but i just need to learn to live with it better.

I appreciate any advice.



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Hi David

Nice to hear from you and glad things have sorted financially :)

I agree most talking therapies work better short term than their long term effects - psychoanalytic psychotherapy I have found has long term benefits but sadly the NHS decided that because there are no scientific ways of measuring the effects (being about emotions rather than behaviours) to replace it entirely with short term CBT style therapies...

The only other thing I can suggest is that you ask for counselling rather than a therapy aimed at behavioural change, at least that way you can perhaps be helped to understand what led you to become depressed in the first place and to process the emotions relating to those experiences. Perhaps you can use the site that way? If you feel able to share your earlier experiences then we can help you to understand the source of your depression and if you are able to process the emotions relating to those early experiences, then you will find the depression lifts somewhat. It will never entirely disappear but may become very much less with the positive times feeling very different in quality - at least that is my experience, as I often feel really happy in the world and despite readily becoming low again I never feel deep depression as I did previously.



Hi David lovely to hear from you, no your right I haven't been on here much lately. The site has changed a lot and I find the transient nature of it hard to deal with.

I'm glad that your payment issues are sorted out, and I do empathise with you

About Depression never going away. That's the way I feel too. You seem to have tried

A lot of things and I feel for myself that a lot of little things help me.

Reducing my stress, eating a healthy diet. Having a structure in my life and a

Sense of purpose. I enjoy Painting and messing around with my cameras, I

Go to Yoga, I read and I like baking and meeting friends for coffee and things like that,

But David no matter what I do I still feel that underlying Depression is never far

Away, and I suppose I just have to accept that this is the way it is. It's ups and downs,

I am on Medication and sometimes I do t even know if this is even a help any

More. I do Mindfullness meditation and that helps too.

David I'm not sure what to say to you except to say what helps me, I do all these

Things but some days I find it hard to get up and do things and I feel quite

Depressed sometimes, I think that it's a different experience for all of us as

We all have different lives. At least you are married with a family which is nice.

I am retired now and I know. when I was working I found it very tough, so now

Things are much better as I dont have any worries about working . I think there

Is a lot we can do but nevertheless I still feel quite Depressed and I just accept

That that is the way it is, I don't feel I am " better" or stuff like that, I Am just trying

To accept my life and makin g he best of the time when I feel well and be kind to

Myself too, and not berate myself if I feel less than brilliant.

I hope some of this Post helps you David and its s a tough road with many potholes.

Kind regards



Hey David

Finding the right counsellor is a god send . I've had two bad experiences and now have an amazing counsellor and life coach. I think the life coach in him helps you sort your life out ! Also I've been taking omega 3. Complex vitamin b, vitamin d and folic acid. All help to treat the brain in some way from depression. The benefits for me have been great whilst combining starting a new job for social interaction and having counselling all at the same time .

Jobs may not have worked if you started them without therapist support . I nearly didn't go to the new job I started but my counsellor was there on text that morning and I went . I didn't sleep at all the night before and thought I just can't do it but I did. I feel with the vitamins I am healing my damaged brain and As a professor from cambridge said in his study of omega 3 in a 1000 - 2000 dosage proved better than antidepressants. I genuinely feel so much better from being suicidal to not feeling depressed. Which is any depressives dream :-))

Research so you understand the brain and depression has helped me enormously . My next step is to introduce exercise as again the effects on the brain and how it helps repair the damage !! Depression damages , it's then up to us to rebuild after it's struck

My theory is people with depression are sensitive and have sensitive brains therefore you are sensitive to people and what food you eat etc. put good things in your body , good vitamins for brain repair , work for structure and social interaction but avoid stressful jobs etc ....

Hope that helps and big hugs as it's truly horrendous when you are in it . I hope my experience gives hope xx

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Hello David

Welcome back

Hannah and Bev are still around, Gemma seems not to have been on for a while, same with Lucy. Sue is still around.

At the moment-there is a real problem in the NHS regards finance, mental health remains a real problem and is now rationed that can be different throughout the Regions. So I can imagine that services, unless really needed could be withheld.

I have not been to hot jut before reaching my OAP I suffer from memory relapse and it can be difficult to understand if it is the beginnings of a dementia. So I need to take that test once more. Before I was on the right side of Dementia and they had found plaques in the small veins of the brain, so they will check again. Although while waiting I have a problem of not listening when Hazel talks to me or tells me when someone is visiting etc. It may be part of a forty year marriage and we close our Ears.

All I can suggest if you feel you need help, keep pushing or better still look for a Mental Health Day Centre, either a charity or Council run.

Now I have a busy time with NHS meetings and also I represent my Surgery Patients Participation Group on my County CCG so life can be complicated when the sun dulls down and they start telling you the situation as it is, not as we all feel it should be.

How are you getting on ????

All the best


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Hi have u ever tried scema therapy it's amazing . It changes your life . If I could have it again I would. Just a thought. X


Hello Beck,

Why not explain what this is to the site. Contributors will find it interesting



Sounds like good advice to me. My opinion is that while I appreciate the help I have had from my various GPs over the years ( all of whom have been good ,in my opinion) and more recently NHS psychiatrists (less impressed ) : so little is still known about depression ,that you need to learn the best way to live with it.

This has taken me a long time and I'm still learning.

I don't blame GPs and Psychiatrists for not being able to help that much , its just such a difficult area in which to make progress. However they are slowly making progress.



Hello Olderal

When it comes to many health Care professionals some say it is a bit healer treat yourself ??



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