A kick in the teeth

I have had depression and anxiety for a while. It is under control most of the time. However, this is quite a bad time as Im off work following a minor operation on my hand. I have the usual symptoms like apathy, no interst in anything, dont want to see people or do anything. At least I know these feelings will go when I get back to work and the gym next week. Or at least I hope so.

I had a phone call this morning from my bank. I had enquired about income protection insurance last week. I was told that I had been refused this insurance due to my illness. This is a real kick in the teeth. As if Im not feeling low enough already. This is blatant discrimination from the insurance company. I was told there are 'too many risks' with mental health. They told me I might commit suicide! This is such a narrow minded attitude.

We really have too break down this stigma, especially as it is Movember.


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18 Replies

  • Hello BOB here


    That sounds a little rough,have you tried to commit suicide at any time??

    If not what right have they to assume that you may try?. They have no right to assume or suggest, it may be possible to get a doctors note to say as much

    All the best, go for it


  • Hi Bob, Thanks for your message. The annoying thing is that no I have never tried to commit suicide so I dont know why they suggested that. They seem to be linking mental health problems with suicide. Thats not always the case. I understand that people who sadly have suicidal tendancies is a result of having mental health problems. I may contact the company tomorrow to complain.

  • Hello BOB here

    If you have problems have the GP write you a note. Mind I feel that is not right, you are pandering to them

    Good Luck


  • The world can be so stupid at times. Insurance is all about risk assessment and it's all done to stupid tables and formulae. Seems a bit silly though to turn you down for income protection on the grounds that you might kill yourself - surely that would make you a good investment :)

    Sorry if that thought is a bit too black for the moment.

    You are right that most depressed people aren't a suicide risk. Someone who is severely depressed doesn't have the energy to do anything for a start ... You are probably always more likely to be hit by a car or a bus by accident crossing the road.

  • Yes good point. I definately wouldnt have the energy or courage to do anything suicidal. This depression takes away everything! I just want to hide away.

  • Hi golfer

    I know how you feel, I too suffer with both anciety and depression. When I'm feeling really down I cant do anything, but I've recently joined the gym and am findibg this is slowly helping. I kbow you have had a minor operation, but could you perhaps try going out for a walk (when its not raining) or get out in the fresh air once a day? I find just walking around the garden helps, to get some fresh air and sunlight. With regards to your insurance I've had the samd problem with my insurance company, it really is wrong. It makes me so angry that people dob't even try to understand mental illnesses.

    Sorry feel like I'm ranting

    Jules x

  • Hi Jules

    Thanks for the message. I am going for a walk in the morning to the doctors to collect my repeat prescription of meds.

    Ive got to go come rain or shine as Ive run out and I cant drive as the op was on my hand. I have no excuse for going out. Today has rained all day, although I had to go to the local shop for supplies.

    I agree the gym helps as I usually go there two or three times a week, but I dont want to risk it with stitches in my hand.

    Motivation is my big problem when depression sets in. Its a viscous circle as I know I need to be active but I have no energy.

    One day at a time.


  • How awful. People who drink are more likely to die of liver failure than someone who doesn't. Are they refused too? What about people without cars? Surely they're more likely to get run over? You're so right about the stigma. When will people accept that depression is not a seedy little add on for the odd bods in the corner. It's a real life illness! I know what you mean about needing the routine of work. I crave it desperately when I'm off! Hope things start to look up for you soon x

  • Thanks Lucy

  • Well, I tried to get life insurance and I was much much better and didn’t feel like I was a suicide risk. My GP wrote a letter to the insurance agency and we applied to a different carrier and I got insurance because I was doing so well. sometimes I just let the depression wash over me and except it a bit and know it will pass. I have had it for a while, it has become my bedfellow so to speak, but you can get insured. I have been off work for a long time but have slowly picked up my life at my own pace.

  • Good to hear.

  • Hi David,

    Sorry I've not been in touch for so long...

    That sounds totally ridiculous, what that bank is doing! I would say that's on a par with racism..

    How do they know about your personal stuff anyway? Should that not be confidential?

    I hope going back to work will make you feel slightly better, as it's all too easy to isolate and hide away

    when you don't need to go out..

    I hope it'll do you good to be back amongst people again, I find it helps with going to my day-program

    a few hours a week..

    I feel for you, it's always something they do to kick us when we're already down isn't it..

    Thinking of you David, and remember I'm always here if you need someone to talk to!

    Lots of love, Holly Xxx

  • Hi Holly

    Good to hear from you. Sorry I havent been in touch either but I havent been on here for a while. My depression has been under control until now. Being off work following this operation is not good. I prefer the routine of work. Anyway back to that next week so I hope my depression will lift.

    The bank was a real blow yesterday. When I applied for the insurance I didnt think it was going to be a problem when I put that I suffered from depression on a form when it asked for medical information. It is best to be honest anyway. I didnt expect what happened!

    Im always here if you want a chat.

    Love David x

  • Thanx David, likewise :)

    I know, it really is ridiculous that bank business, I didn't think they could do that!

    It'll definitely do ye good going back to work and getting back in to a routine.. Sometimes that's the things that keep

    us going, and don't make it so easy to hide away and sink deeper into isolation and depression..

    Take care David, and keep posting and let us know how you are, coz that helps too!

    Love, Holly Xxx

  • Everyone here is right. its terrible to be refused insurance due to mental health issues. I bet they cover people who are morbidly obese, those who drink, drug takers and smokers. The difference is we don't chose to be like this. Keep you head up and perhaps you should change your bank once you feel better if this is how they treat you?

  • I get heartily sick of the stigma around mental illness. It should be treated as an illness like anything else and to be denied insurance cover because of this illness smacks of discrimination.

    I try and keep reasonably fit for my age, have lost weight recently and go for a walk everyday and I work. Probably a lot healthier than a lot of other people BUT I have anxiety and depression..... does that make me more of a risk than a couch potato???? Don't think so.

    Hope you are feeling bit better now. Julie xx

  • Thanks everybody for your support.

  • Hi Golfer15 and I have Bipolar and have travel insurance as part of my current account, as . I also have a) a serious back problem, b) I've had heart failure c) Type 2 Diabetes with leg ulcer's with complications d) Asthma. The only thing they wont provide cover for is the Bipolar, Why? I havent heard of anyone dieing of Bipolar, but all the other complaints have lead to deaths or expensive hospital treatment. Why is this? apart from discrimination which is illegal under part M of the Building Regulations. Any way Golfer, you are more than likely to be saving you spending on heavy premiums, and if there's any way they can find out the smallest reason not to pay out on a claim. they will, so save the money you would have paid, it's better value.

    Best wishes and hope you will never be in a position you will have to make a claim.


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