Hello everyone

Well I am back from holiday now, and have been brought down in a lump as I have now to deal with emails and meetings over the next three weeks.

When I look at all the posts and agendas I start to panic as I have forgotten many of the abbreviations that are used to reduce the need of repeating on certain subjects. This drives me mad and makes me feel I want to go back to the silence of thirty miles from frantic life choices.

On Thursday we had went back to the Island of Iona where St Cuthbert set up an Abbey and we were given a fantastic display by a Pod of Dolphins, twelve of then. From the ferry so that was fantastic experience. We also saw properties for sale and that unsettled me as we nearly moved up into the wilds before we moved here.

On the ferry returning from Mull we were again given a display from another Pod of Porpoise and that was a nice way to finish our break. As we had not seen much wildlife when we were travelling around the Small Isles the week before. That was sad.

Pax is a little confused when we arrived home and He just sat in the Conservatory for most of day on our return. We had to eventually had to drag him out at bedtime. Although now He is back to normal, as we have now been able to remove His collar once more as everyone around here knows who He belongs to

Our fruit garden has gone mad and Hazel was picking fruit yesterday so now she is wondering if she will be making jam as we are getting a second crop of soft fruits.

Have also to make an appointment for talking therapy as my condition had been bad before I went away caused by the severe pain I suffer from so like most on these pages I suffer from periods of remission and stress. It has taken them eight weeks to offer an appointment and the problem is I am feeling quiet calm at this time, I need to consider if I will have further flairs during the winter months as this is normal for me. So I wonder what I should do ?.

So all good things come to an end, back to normal, I feel life should be one big holiday where we can just sit and enjoy watching the world go by.


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  • Glad you had a good break Bob, enjoy all the fruit and jam homemade is gorgeous isn't it! Glad you have another appointment, tell them how you have been feeling and feel now, flare ups and variation is normal of course so do go to the appointment.

    The irony is that if life was one big holiday we wouldn't appreciate it! :)


  • Thanks Sue

    Will make my appointment tomorrow morning, w e have a new system here when it comes to talking therapy, and it is taking a while to bed in.

    We get back and have to deal with one long list of problems that were put on the back burner before we went.

    I have a load of meetings and I have to read various reports. Today I was attending one meeting and I was not up too speed as I was told by Hazel not to read all my reports when away so I was in a right state.

    More tomorrow evening and again I need to get up to speed for that as well.

    You get confused when the old brain is in a mental fugg caused by medications and pain. Today I was thanked for turning up because I just got back one and a half days ago. We all seem to loose the plot for a time on return to normality whatever normality is.

    Pax is the only one who has no care and seems well satisfied on his return home.

    Now over the years I feel we need to have a further holiday to recover from the return from the first one.

    Hazel will be making jam tomorrow so that will keep her busy, I will keep my Head down


  • Relax Bob, as we get older nobody expects us to be on the ball all the time, having a senior moment is a great excuse to get things wrong sometimes!

    I know what you mean about having a holiday to recover from a holiday - I need a holiday as a result of thinking about the holiday I will be going on in a few weeks time, with a friend who is a very fit and experienced walker, we are going to Madeira to walk and I am neither fit nor experienced, in fact the furthest I have walked during the last 8 weeks is from bed to art room and around the supermarket...

    Oh well, we survive, life's too short to worry about it all, just let the days come and go and let ourselves 'be'. It is hard to get used to things (and ourselves) being different from the way they were but that's what happens when we live life.


  • Bob,

    The holiday sounds fantastic. I do hope you enjoyed it and managed to relax as much as the pain allowed. I have never been further north than Edinburgh and would love to visit the Scottish islands. Does pax enjoy swimming in the sea?

    As Sue said do go to the appointment, variations in symptons and accompanying moods/emotions is normal.

    Sarah x

  • Hello Sarah

    Pax hates the water, He is not like our last dog who loved the ferries . He barked a great deal when watching birds, including the eagles and seagulls. The ferries were lost to him and just would fall asleep until land was reached. He loved watching the dolphins and would stand upon the rails with His front paws. We were pleased He did not get seasick and would do the rounds to other passengers wanting to be stroked. So in a way I suppose He enjoyed himself


  • Hi Bob welcome back, sounds like you and Hazel had a great time, that's good

    To be able to enjoy the moment.

    Pax will soon get used to the one routine again.


  • Hello Hannah

    Yes He has just got back from walkies, soaking wet, covered in mud. So all seems back to normal.

    I have a triage appointment this afternoon because my mental health took a walloping before I went away.

    What with all f the pain and I seem to be loosing my memory or gag when talking to people as I forget what I have said or what I have been told etc that also is not helping my attitude.

    One thing that seems to be happening or not I am able to type or write without loosing my thread.

    Also I have been having problems with the local RA Clinic they seem to not understand my condition as my old practice seemed to understand my problems better. They where willing to talk to my new specialist and the new Specialist would not contact or talk to my old GP.

    So I suppose, I myself needs a little understanding, sad to say