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This morning Hazel was taking Pax out for His walk and one of our next doors dog got out, it was a fighting dog in the past and He had took it on to look after it. Before He moved up here.

When it got out it attacked Pax and Hazel, She was also attacked and it ripped part of her mouth virtually of. so She has been in hospital this morning and tomorrow has to get Plastic Surgery tomorrow.

Pax has also had to get to the Vet as the dog would not let go and He has punctures on his leg and side. So He has had clips inserted and now He did not want to get out of the car. So now He is sitting looking very sorry for himself and is now trying to protect himself and hide behind furniture.

We had just booked a holiday for Monday on Friday to a place we used to visit with our old dog Pip, so that is going to be cancelled as Pax has a revue and Hazel may need to spend time in hospital next week.

So it all happens all at once, we are just beginning the final home run with our old property, getting our expenses and were looking to the final home run, this happens. Life is a bitch sometimes it never lets up


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Hi Bob I'm so sorry to hear that about. Hazel and Pax. My God it must have been

Horrific for them. Wishing Hazel and Pax too a speedy recovery and I hope that

Dog next door get put down. Those dogs are very aggressive and are bred to fight.

Bob how will you cope now? I hope you get a bit of help. Please look after yourself.

Hannah xx


Hello Hannah

Thank you I should be ok. Pax is hiding himself away as He is a very sublime animal who has been trained in being a friend for everyone When they put the in the clips they did not give any pain relief and He grumbled, cannot blame him really

Hazel is mobile and we have a nurse living next door, She will be doing the bandages until she is seen by the cosmetic surgeon tomorrow, then we will wait and see.

I have reported what happened to the police as advised. Also we understand the dog has been taken to a dog shelter, so there is nothing more to do really.

The roads up here are winding and I nearly came of the road when taking the pair down to hospital and Vet. Pax has an appointment on Wednesday and the nurse next door has offered to take Hazel down to Newcastle for me tomorrow, although if so will go down myself and She will look after Pax as He generally is very fond of her so whatever we decide will possibly work.

Pax is very troubled and is hiding away in the Library so we are unable to keep an eye on Him.

We understand He is just in pain and will be unable to go outside for the best part of a week. So much for our Holiday on Monday.

I have a Think-Tank meeting on Wednesday so now it looks like I can go to that, if Hazel and Pax are OK


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Oh Bob that is horrendous. Poor Hazel must have been terrified and little Pax too. No wonder he is hiding.

Why do people take on these

fighting' dogs? They are exactly that # totally irresponsible owner.

One of my ssetters was attacked by 3 racing greyhounds who had slipped their muzzles. I have never been so terrified in my life. My Mum at 5' nothing and almost 80 was kicking at them grabbing anything she could while the owner stod and screamed. Eventually I picked up my setter and ran for our lives - Mum still hitting and kicking them. If she hadn't been with me my dog would have been shredded.

Sorry your story has just brought bak the nightmare of it all.

Big cuddle for Pax and loads of TLC - and loves to Hazel.

I am sorry you have lost your holiday - you can go another when patients are well.

Are you OK? Anyone to help you?

Loves Pat and David xx


Hello Pat




Let us know Bob please. x



We have just had the Police around and the other dog has to be put to sleep in the next few days. So will just need to take Hazel to Newcastle for plastic Surgery. Also Pax has to go to Vet on Wednesday. To be checked over.

Thanks Pat

Bob, Hazel and Pax xxxx

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Good, I am so glad that will happen. xx


Bob this is horrendous what happened. No wonder you are frantic. I am SO SO sorry to hear about this. Yes please do let us know how you go on. Gemma X


Hello Gemma

We have just had the police down, and they have also talked to the owner. The dog has to be put down in the next few days, we will not know until next week if the owner will be taken too court. Most probably the owner of the dog will need to pay all expenses, like the holiday we are going to miss due to Pax and the Vet and any other bit and pieces.

Hazel has an appointment with the plastic Surgery tomorrow and we will know what they will do, we understand the operation will be done am

The dog has been put into kennels until they decide what has to be done is done.

All so very sad, and worrying.





How awful, my heart goes out to you, Hazel and Pax. What a horrific thing to happen. Oscar and I got attacked last Sunday by a very large dog but it was muzzled. The owner had no control over it at all. Oscar is now terrified of big dogs. I can only imagine how you are all feeling. Lots of treats and special care needed for all of you.

Love to you all and wishing Hazel and Pax a speedy and trouble free recovery,

Sarah xxx


Omg Bob that's awful. Poor Hazel and Pax! I hope they are both a lot better soon. I know it's small consolation but you should be able to get the dog's owner as it was on public land and he should have to pay costs.

Please wish Hazel all the best from me for her plastic surgery tomorrow. Poor Pax as well. Love and hugs

Bev xx


hi bob i hope hazel and pax have a quick recovery and not forgetting you bob

! this is the reason dogs that have been used for fighting then someone decides to rescue it once a dogs been used for fighting its no use as a pet ! bob i wish you all well and get well soon god bless david


So sorry to hear this Bob, am thinking of you, Hazel and Pax. x


So sad to hear about Hazel and Pax. Hope they will both be alright. Give her my best wishes and an extra cuddle to Pax. Regards Lorna


Dear Bob,

What a terrible thing to happen. I feel for you all. It must have been a huge shock as well as the physical pain. I hope all get better quickly and you can later enjoy the holiday you missed when you are all feeling better.

Maddy xxx


Oh Bob, I am so sorry such a dreadful thing happened, it must have been a shock for you all. I do hope the Police have been notified and the fighting dog is put down as although I don't like an animal to be destroyed it is the only way to deal with such dangerous dogs. I do hope they both recover well and you all get over things well. Suexx


Hello Everyone

The dog was put too sleep at 5;30 yesterday evening and Pax seems to recovering at some speed, He goes to the Vet on Wednesday for a check of His puncture wounds.

Sad to say at this time He is unable to go for His walks. Tomorrow hopefully things may improve, we are very lucky we have a large garden and Pax can have that area to keep Him happy. Next Monday He and Hazel get there stitches out at the GP Surgery, and Vet. So we will then know possibly if Hazel will need further surgery to hide the remaining scars on Her Face.

We need to discuss with the police what happens next, in evening tomorrow, a busy time, our expenses are now mounting up !! as the owner has to pay all of our expenses, and compensation for keeping a dangerous dog. Also the fact of Him having a new dog in the future. The police are wanting to take Him to Court as with living in the countryside are worried it could happen again and at that time it could cause problems with farm animals etc

Today I am in quite a lot of pain with sitting on bad seats in waiting rooms as i have Chronic Pain in the Spine. That will settle for tomorrow I hope as I really need to attend my Task Group Meeting tomorrow am.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts

Bob, Hazel and Pax



I'm glad things are settling down for you all and hope Hazel recovers from her trauma without too much difficulty, it must have been horrific for her! I hope the dog owner has the money to pay your expenses, that he is prosecuted and doesn't cause trouble, he should be banned from keeping such a dog!

Take care of yourselves,



Hi Bob,

I meant to put up a comment when I first saw this but forgot what I was doing, it is a horrible what both Hazel and Pax have had to go through, I hope they both recover both physically and mentally, it's horrible that the dog had to be put down but at the end of the day it was the only choice after what that dog did,

I hope that your neighbours doesn't get to keep any more dogs in the future,

It is horrible what they have gone through but I wish you and everyone all the best in the future and I hope hazel doesn't need any more surgeries in the future and that the surgery had managed to hide most of the scars of that horrible day,

Siobhan x


Pax seems to have bounced back although Haze has become very testy with everything I suggest. She would look after a young bitch when the owner was out at work, so now I have advised that She keeps away from that friendly dog at this time.

She has her stitches out at the GP Surgery on Monday and I am wanting Her to also see the GP when the stitches have been removed, you is proving a problem with that, she will need to see the GP at that time for possible assessment for further treatments



Bob my friend - I know you want to protect Hazel and lovely that is too. Have you asked her what SHE wants? Maybe normality is her way of getting through this ghastly ordeal. Maybe she wants to carry on looking after friendly dog? Maybe she needs to rebuild her cnnfidence and what better way than with a dog she trusts and knows.

We girls aren't very good at being told what to do!!! Haven't you learnt that yet? Tut Tut!

Pat x

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Hello Pat

Yes I agree there at the moment we are taking it all as it comes, Pax has actually recovered now and was at the surgery last night to make sure the puncture marks in His side was healing, good news He will be getting clips out Monday with Hazel Wednesday.

She is having problems eating and drinking and we will know what the situation is at that time. We do not yet know what the situation is regards her eating and drinking as it may be the nerves in the face may not be as vital. They have done works on the nerves etc and she will need and see if further work needs to be undertaken

Of course I do realize how you women are and I do back of when required in this case however the scaring and eating etc could be affected as at this time some of the nerves have lost their feeling.

Thank you Pat I will take all on board,I get annoyed when the owner of the dog came around today with daffs and note, with the inference that all should now be ok.

You see the person has a mental condition and does things very much as a wim, we are concerned that the same problem may happen again as He picks up dogs that are stray or given of the street by owners who have used them in dog fights. We really can do without that it could be a child the next time.

Today she feels that she just wants to look after Pax and I will stand by that decision as this little thing is one ball of fire. as a pup

Thank you Pat I will take advise



Bless you Bob. All these women gangng up on!

No - daffs and a note won't fix what's happned but if he does have lw capacity he won't understand. Is there someone who can help him for his own sake? Shouldn't be yor worry but worry we always do. Yes a child would be taken very seriously and chap would end up in an even worse place.

Glad Pax is n the mend - he can't always tell you how he feels. Everything crossed for Hazel to of course.

Hugs as ever



Hello Pat

Thank you,

Your friend, Hug,

BOB xxxx


Hello to all

Thank you for all your thoughts, we will know how things are going next week as Hazel may have nerve damage around the mouth. We look forward that all should be ok then.

Pax is virtually back to normal and we will take Him on the beach tomorrow to see if His attitude to other dogs is ok. In the vets yesterday He was very vocal and was wanting to play with all the dogs, the vet thinks He will be ok.

We will hopefully know if Hazel will need further operations on Monday after stitches are removed and the GP looks at any damage caused.

The police are waiting I suppose to see if any further damage stands out on Monday, also. Decisions will need to be taken then as She is very cautious with other dogs at this time. I had told her not to visit a young dog that knows her, she was given that chance yesterday and Hazel and neighbour decided it was best to leave it at that time.

Thank you all

BOB and HAZEL and an active Pax


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