Back to work again? ?

Hello everyone had a meeting with my manager and they have given me some shorter shifts as from Monday I start at 11am till 4pm I have been ok for about a week now but this morning it has kicked in again I was expecting it but hoped it wouldn't show but it has so I will try to deal with it breathing focus,anchor,tapping thinking off nice positive things sounds easy God loves a tryer that's why he loves me I think sometimes maybe no he thinks he knows I'm fantastic I will keep that thought all day it might help life is a hard task when you are hindered with anxiety and depression but I will beat it ............I I will keep trying I will keep you updated on the work thing positive positive positive have a good day everyone 😆😊😂😲😞😜

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  • Just relax,Hotrod, I'm sure you will beat it as Nature loves a trier. There is a theory that God hates us all and looking round the world its not entirely implausible. It does n't matter who hates you or loves you if you're a trier; and if you are a trier most will love you.

    Life is a hard task with anxiety and depression but take some credit for yourself , you seem to have all the right attributes to beat it and as long as you keep trying you are entitled to love yourself. The love of others will follow.

    Make sure you keep doing all the right things, thinking positively, taking exercise ,keeping regular and healthy sleeping and eating habits, seeking medical help if you feel it necessary (and it usually is with anxiety and depression unless you are an incredibly strong person). The mentally perfect of whom I suspect there are n't many ,can afford to ignore these things but you and I can't.

    Don't get stupidly positive , remember the guy who fell off a cliff and could have grabbed a branch. No ,he thought , think positively ,this is an opportunity to learn to fly.

    I can't remember now if he achieved it in the 4 seconds he had.


  • Hi olderal cheers for the response and you are right i have everything i need to deal with my anxiety and depression but as we all know sometimes it gets the better of use so small steps and hopefully back to my better self have a good day olderal and all who read

  • Hi Hotrod,

    I hope your anxieties come to nothing and that you have a good week, do let us all know as we will be thinking of you.


  • Cheers much appreciated will do on the progression of next week fingers crossed

  • You have a great boss who understands you.

    Just keep up with your Positive thinking and you will be all will be well

    Kind regards


  • Cheers Richard

  • Well done Hotrod. Keep up that positive attitude and you will be fine. Let us know how you get on please. We are here for you as always. Take care. Bev x

  • Cheers bev will do