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Hi folks. I am off back to work wednesday on a phased return. So my first week Ill be doing 8-1, 2nd week 8-2, 3rd week 8-3 and the final week ill be doing normal 8-4:30 hours. I will no longer be in my old team when I return as per request of myself due to bullying. 

Im just alittle nervous. Going back after nearly 14 weeks off with depression is a massive step for me. Support from you guy has helped me through such a dreadful time. I just want to thank you all but also ask for your support too with my return. I just basically need to know that "I CAN DO THIS" aha.


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  • Hi you can do this.  I have been through the same situation at my last employers.  I did feel very tired for the first few weeks but before you know it you are back in the normal swing of things.   I was very worried about it too so know exactly where you are coming from.

    Are they putting into place any reasonable adjustments to help you cope?  These could be extra breaks,  more sick leave etc.  If they are not they should be as they have a duty of care towards you under The Health and Safety at Work Act.   Bear in mind thought that reasonable adjustments are subject to 'business needs'.  Good luck.  x 

  • Yeah, everything I want and need is in place I just need to return that's all now x

  • Good luck !

  • Hi There,

    That's good going and of course you can do this. Whenever you feel slightly panicky at work just take a step back, go for a small walk if it helps and come back with a clear head, if it takes time to do then let it take time and don't feel pressured. if the people from your old team that bullied you bump into you just say hi or just smile and walk pass them, don't give a reaction to them or feel paranoid about them by keeping a clear mind free from thoughts that might trigger stress and practise that.

  • Of course you can do it. The first week will be difficult at times and it will be a miracle if everything goes smoothly but you will do it. Well done for getting over a very tough condition and starting back . what you will have achieved is not a small thing.

    Remember if you do hit a few difficulties that being at work , with the human contact that involves ,and the commitment is one of the best therapies for depression. Of course you're a little nervous .Who would n't be ?  Remember also and always that getting back to work is something many of your colleagues might not have achieved. Don't brag about it, it should be enough for you to quietly know that inside.

    Hope it all goes well for you. It is a massive step and one that many could not have taken.


  • Thanks guys. 

    My first day was pretty lazy. Just catch up meetings with my managers, catching up with colleagues, I did nothing today but talk haha.

    I'm obviously home now & the depression just hit me. After a great, first day back at work it just kicks me in the face like "POW! I'm still here". I guess this is the real test now if I wake up and feel like this and having to go to work. 

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