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Back to work!

I have just had my interview with the occupational health people from work. I have agreed to attempt going back to work in 2 weeks. I think this will be my third & final attempt.. If the workload is not ligtened then I will crash & burn again. What will do after the crash & burn, I do not know. I keep having terrible nightmares about stress at work & wake up very depressed. Thank you for reading needed to blow off some steam.

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Hi, I recall a time when I did go back to work, thankfully the wording from my GP and psychiatrist said two half days a week of my own choice, when I could cope - so stayed on full pay for several months until I was ready. It was difficult for both me and the organisation as I was one person doing the 'only' job - the organisation was several thousand people. My role was unique I was the Health and Safety Manager, no assistants etc so one person. Anyway my work obviously slipped behind as prior to this I was working 5 to 7 full days and some days 5am to 11pm - so working two half days, never a chance to catch up. I can only wish you luck and hope all goes well.


I know that feeling oh so well unfortunately. Finishing working at silly o'clock, spending the night dreaming about stuff I haven't done / finished, and waking up in a sweaty panic. I sincerely hope it goes well for you x


Been there I understand too. I. Wish you well, looking at other blogs here lots of people have the same problems in respect of work...

All good wishes to you xxx


Ive been stressed in my old job (left to go to uni) but i think if it affected me this much id have to try and find a different job if possible! is it really worth being this anxious over if there is another option. Am sure you though of this but thought it was worth a mention :)




I wonder whether it's possible to go back half time first, to ease in gently? Hope things work out for you, it's hard feeling so stressed.



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