Feeling Rebellious

I've been feeling unusually rebellious lately. Like I really don't care about what I do and what the consequences are. Yesterday, I jumped out of the classroom window and refused to do work. Today, I missed a trumpet lesson, refused to play sport and went out of bounds and while being told to go back to school by a teacher, I slowly took steps backward away from them. I need some control but freedom just feels too great of a privilege to ignore.


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6 Replies

  • Hi Dead Banana at 13 you are far too young for this site. This is a Depression

    Site for Adults and to be honest you are acting like a child at kindergarten. If you.really

    Are doing all those silly things. ? And Part of me thinks that you are making it up for a joke. This behaviour tells me two things. you are either very bored and acting

    Out, or you are just attention Seeking or. You really are a Shype. Lol. That's three

    Things, I too got bored at Maths Class back in the day. Playing the trumpet sounds fun. 🎵🎵🎵😇😇🐅

    Do you have friends ? What do they thing of your behaviour ? If you were my

    Pupil I would be annoyed at your behaviour , and think yes he is bored .

    Take care of yourself and try and talk out your frustrations with a kind adult or

    Teacher , you seem like a very bright boy, who is being a Shype.

    Reember Einstein hated school as he too was far too intelligent to listen

    To ordinary stuff, so maybe you are a genius with a very high IQ and your

    A member of Mensa.

    Please take care and be good.


  • Hi you have to be 16 or older to be on this site as this is in the rules. If you are 13 you must have lied about your age. I have reported this to the moderators as you are definitly too young to be here. There are lots of sites for younger people and I think you would be better off joining one of these.

  • I haven't found any yet. I'll delete my account when I find a suitable website for people my age. Sorry, I was desperate c;

  • Can only second the other comments. This site is for people with quite serious problems (at times). You seem to have some serious problems but you will grow out of them ,I hope.

  • To my mind this isn't freedom or rebellion but attention seeking. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear but perhaps if you want to think about real causes for rebellion a little look at the news and the way children are treated in repressive regimes might focus the mind.

  • Hi,

    I am feeling quite concerned about you - jumping out of the classroom window is NOT just high spirits or rebelliousness! You say you are feeling desperate and I heard that in what you were writing - it seems you are wanting someone to put some limits around your behaviour, that you are scared of what might happen if they do not do that for you, which suggests you struggle with knowing how to manage your own behaviour?

    I wonder whether it might be good for you to talk things through with someone, perhaps a counsellor at school? If you are feeling desperate your emotional needs are not being met and that must make life difficult for you.

    This website is setting limits - but your desperation still needs addressing, so do please talk things through with someone.


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