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Medics are a close knit bunch and although in an ideal world no one minds you asking for a second opinion doctors are human and often resent it. ,as most of us would to a greater or lesser extent.

Came across I think a USA site healthcaremagic where for a reasonable fee (certainly by USA standards) one can email a question to a specialist and receive his answer and then ask limited follow up questions.

Fee was £29 and ideally you have to be able to condense your condition, history ,current diagnosis ,medication, and question into a very short summary. I did this and my question was referred to a well qualified psychiatrist in Lucknow who responded very quickly and very sensibly in my opinion. As a result I had a follow up question which again was answered very promptly and well. I could then ask follow up questions again up to a 2 day limit but did n't need any more . All this is within the initial fee.

I was delighted with this service and on my one experience would recommend it as a way of getting a second opinion without upsetting the goodwill of your UK doctors. Needless to say I have no connection with this service, and it could obviously vary, but for me it was well worth it. From memory there were options for lower fees.

A few years back I had a trapped nerve and got a second opinion privately, Somehow the NHS got wind of this (the private guy if he's any good will almost certainly want to discuss with the NHS guy) and having been in a job where I had to read body language etc. the NHS guy was definitely not happy. I could tell and altho nothing was said I felt there was a risk I lost some of his good will. Doctors are in a powerful position and know it and IMO its very important not to lose their good will , especially in the psychiatric field.

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I agree with you, Olderal. Sometimes it's wise to pay for an initial consultation with a consultant and then move to the NHS with that same consultant. I did so when I had a disk removed.

However, it is different with psychiatrists. Recently I saw a different doctor from usual. He was downright rude and unhelpful and reduced me to tears. I was going to send a letter of complaint through the right channels but did not in case it jeopardised my relationship with my consultant. Since then I particularly request NOT to see that doctor.

My history with the NHS mental health treatment in Wales goes back nearly 50 years. That doctor seemed to have no understanding of manic depression and wanted to increase my meds, which has a disastrous affect on my quality of life (side effects).

Best to stay on good terms with all medics, I agree. Glad I didn't make an official complaint that time, although I've shared my experience with friends and family...and you!

Jan (hilohilo)


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