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How To Unlike Someone ?

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Hi, your girl Charmer here so I've liked this guy for about 3 years now this year would have made it 4 but things don't add up between us meaning there things I don't like but I still like him strange huh ? Well it's him who said he didn't think it's a good idea if we kept talking cause he wouldn't have anything to say 🥺 . Despite there things I'm unable to do with him like meet up due to my family not knowing and stuff.....So he's not the perfect guy or the guy I ever imagined myself with but I was comfortable with him and okay with it . I guess he wants more or needs more but sadly I can't give it to him unless I tell my family which would cause an entire different effect, as in what my family wants for me and doesn't want for me. He lives a carefree life while I have restrictions or you could say wouldn't do things how he would. Yet I miss him and I wanna message him but i don't wanna seem desperate especially since this is like the 4th time we've fallen out within those years of knowing each other an when I say fall out I mean not talk for a couple months or days maybe even weeks but he always came back. Even when I was maybe doing better I let him back in everytime, not sure if it's a weakness or I just doltish. An at this point I'm 100% sure he isn't coming back. I feel sad and lonely but I just don't know what to do. 😕☹🙁 I mean feeling this way sucks I just wanna be happy 😶🤷🏿‍♀️😞 especially since I feel stuck as if I can't move forward. 😞

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I went through something similar. I can't give him more because i'm not ready to mentally and he left and i'm trying to forget him but he was helping me a lot with my issues. It was a long distance intern-ship and i liked it that way because i'm not ready for a physical here relationship but recently communication got harder and we Ended it 4 weeks ago and haven't talked untill then. It's hard. You're not alone x

Thanks so much, I'm taking it one day at a time with the Lord. Hoping you're doing well and hope I can rise above like you did.

Thanks. I'm doing the same. Taking it one day at a time is the best. Hope we recover fast

Hello welcome, CharmerYou mention differences between you, Is this down to Race or Faith ??

It seems to POSSIBLY, down to something like that. Especially if the fear is what your Parents would feel, or is this all down to expectations ?? Their Expectations ??


Faith basically is the main reason and his expectations of what I can do, my parents are strict.

Hello Faith, Islam/Christianity ? Are your Parents, Christian and the boyfriend Islamic ?

Whatever the case there is going to be problems and Islam may be the problem, where you would be expected to bend to the Islamic Faith. The expectation will be made worse by whatever side is Islamic .

You have possibly big decisions you MAY need to take, Consider the problems you could eventually have over the years. Relationships may be

problematic regards families and children. And the excpectations of both sides


No I'm Christian yes but he isn't and we don't always see eye to eye when it comes to religion on his part but I guess it is what it is after all he decided to leave so it's me trying to get through it and also he wasn't my boyfriend well I don't know what to call him he's just the guy that I really really like a lot I know it childish..... but thanks so much for your input and hope things are better with you now.

Choice is a wonderful thing, however you need to consider the negative and relevent problems you will or could have.

In parts of the UK Catholics for a part example may put their foot down regards where they want the marriage to take place. That happened to me and eventually the relationship failed. I was lucky to much interference


Hello Charmer

Sorry things are not going how you would like. It may be a blessing if things go down hill. Sad to say it is a shame when things are not going the way we would prefer in life, although this sort of relationship could lead you down a very unsuitable pathway. I travelled extensive in the Middle East and some friends went through something similar it became a real concern.

Move on and find someone who would not pressure you, and understands how you feel with no complications to worry about.


Thanks so much, you don't know how much your words meant to me there

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