Relapse, Medication and Unhelpful Doctors

Hi all,

I am back with another post having relapsed a few weeks ago. I have no official diagnosis, but it is definitely a mood disorder that is triggered by stress, anxiety and depression. It is either bipolar depression (unlikely) or schizoaffective disorder (possible) or schizophrenia (possible).

I relapsed because I was unhappy in my job. I started to do many things wrong, knowingly. I lied to my manager who was a nice person, and I basically abused their trust.

I got stressed and then had a return of symptoms - paranoia, anxiety and auditory hallucinations. I was initially happy in the job, but I quickly realised that I wouldn't be happy in any position the company could offer me anyway - not that I deserved it.

I am posting today because I want to know whether or not psychiatric doctors willingly disclose information about the medication clients take. I am technically not well at the moment, but I am well enough to notice that they are selecting different medications, most likely from the same brand. I want to know exactly what is in my Risperidone, how much in terms of antipsychotic properties these drugs contain, compared with other substances. I want to know how this varies from tablet to tablet and I want to know detailed information about how these drugs have been refined to the extent where side effects are minimal.

If I wrote my question like an essay it would read: 'To what extent are psychiatric doctors and nurses willing to disclose information about the very medications they use to treat positive symptoms of psychosis'.

If you would be willing to share your opinion, I would be grateful. If you want any other information from me, I'm happy to let you know.



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  • Hi I am sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment.

    I think there are 2 reasons why medics don't give you full information. One is that they maybe don't know to that extent? And the other is lack of time.

    Why don't you ask a pharmacist? They know far more about drugs than doctors do. The other option is to google them as there is a huge amount of info on the net.

    The other thing which occurred to me is why you want all this information? As a non medical person would you be able to understand it all? I know I wouldn't.

    It sounds like to me that you don't trust the medical professionals or have faith in them. Do you think that is part of your illness? Or denial maybe? x

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have reached the point where I accept that there is something wrong, so it is definitely not denial.

    I think openness about drugs is actually imperative when treating someone - particularly when they actually do have the capacity to understand what is happening.

    I have a brain and a desire to know. I understand that some people may not want that information, but if openness actually encourages the person to take medication then I think there is definitely a good argument to indicate what is in them.

    Mental illness is all about talking. That is why I think I deserve to know, or at least be pointed in the right direction.

    Not knowing and not having the time to inform the client is a contradiction in terms of reason.

    I shouldn't be pushed away either. If a person with a broken leg asked: 'what is that bandage for' then, no matter how obvious or complex the answer, they deserve to know. They deserve to know enough.

    I do appreciate your answer, though, so thanks a lot

    Catharsis x

  • Hi I am not saying you should be fobbed off - no one should do that to you.

    You are not just asking what is that bandage for - you are asking for the whole history of it or that's how I read your post anyway. Sorry if I have got it wrong. x

  • Hi there I agree with Bev in that I think you are worrying too much about

    Knowing all he properties of your drugs. You seem to have quite a serious

    Illness and I'm sure the Drs. Have your best interests at heart, why would t they?

    Now to answer your question would need you to start studying Pharmacy, Only

    A pharmacist would be able to answer your questions, they study for 6 years and are

    Constantly updating themselves too, so I think the questions you are asking are

    A bit unrealistic.

    You do t seem to trust your Drs! Would that be because of your illness , as you

    Say you suffer from paranoia. I think you should stop obsessing about your

    Meds and concentrate on getting back on an even keel. Please put your

    Faith in the Drs. And any questions on Meds, then talk to a Pharmacist. I personally

    Don't feel my Dr. Withholds anything from me, but I guess the Dr. Has to decide if

    The person he is talking to can understand everything he is saying.

    Hope you begin to feel better soon.


  • Hi Catharsis

    Whilst I agree with both Bev and Hannah who have given your really good advice I do understand your concerns about what is in your meds and the exstent to which they are different from the meds you have been on before. You could google both meds by putting the name and then 'ingredients' then compare for yourself, or you could ask your medics as they will probably be happy to tell you.

    It is a good idea to be informed about your treatment as that way you are more likely to know why things are changed and be in a position to decide when you need a change of meds - and the prospects of a good outcome are improved for patients who make decisions for themselves.

    I hope your current meds help your psychotic symptoms to reduce as those will be disturbing for you. Lots of people have transitory psychotic symptoms so I would not be too concerned about your diagnosis until the meds have taken effect and you are feeling better.

    Meanwhile keep using the site for support as we are a friendly bunch and will help you all we can.


  • You seem to an uncommonly brave honest and open approach to your condition which I would have thought puts you in a better place than most to tackle your problems. Wikipedia , , and James Phelps MD . sites all have a lot of info. on psychiatric drugs.

    Surely I would have thought any psychiatric doctor or nurse had a legal obligation to give you information about any drugs you are prescribed. HOWEVER, much as we all owe thanks and a debt to anyone willing to make a career in psychiatric medicine it is far off being as yet a science ,although progress is being made.Mental illness understanding ,treatment and cure is in my opinion decades away from being medical science. As the doctors therefore don't know a lot, as in all professions where this is the case, they understandably don't like to demonstrate their ignorance. Even getting the right diagnosis is a hit and miss affair. They do however know more than most of us. I am just grateful that some health professionals are willing to enter this difficult field, but scientific understanding is a long way away , so one can meet a lot of Mumbo Jumbo. If it was understood as a science the professionals would be far more forthcoming and could make confident and accurate statements about drugs and their likely effects.

    The human brain is the most complicated thing we know of in the universe and if you call it the human mind even more so. Its hardly surprising so little is known . The genetics of these conditions are incredibly complicated as well.

    I don't think most psychiatric workers would obscure information maliciously but for the reasons I've given you may hit information blocks. Let us know if those sites help you and if you have any problems googling them come back to me. From my reading most of these drugs have been discovered to be useful through serendipity, which does n't help either.


  • Hello Catharsis

    Last time you were on were you where starting a new relationship with someone you met, how did it go, you still together.?

    When I read your letter regarding your medications go onto the NHS Choices site they have all the medications on that site so that may help you understand the medications contraindications. You need to understand however many people may present different problems to those who are sitting at the same table as you.

    You really went through the list of what could be wrong with you. Has your GP or Specialist not advised what your condition is the condition you suffer from will dictate the medication that has been prescribed. They of course would possibly say your condition is manic., of course your GP will have talked to the Specialist. You of course need to understand, have they given you any idea what is wrong with you.?

    There is also several sites that can tell you the content of the medication you are taking all you need to do s type the drug generic name or its actual trade name. You will be introduced to a long list that will keep you busy for some time.

    Most medications they give to patients that are in society are much the same but different. and under that premise I would just keep taking the tablets as the script of each drug will really do your head in and that could confuse you and prevent you becoming more stable.

    Of course on occasions there will be a script in the packet that may explain what the drug is for etc.

    Just get settled and well, that is all we need to do. I have been on my long list of medications and all I wonder and worry about is that they suppress my condition


  • Hi Bob, many thanks for your reply. Your advice is always useful and I find myself understanding your points, tips and suggestions most of the time.

    I am still with my boyfriend. He is currently in Spain. We travelled together for his friend's wedding. We travelled knowing that I was unwell. On reflection I know this sounds ridiculous. To travel when you're not functioning at your best is dangerous. I left to come back early, so hopefully I will recover by the time I am due to 'collect' my boyfriend.

    As you mention, the frustrating thing is the diagnosis. It is just non organic psychosis for now. That doesn't help.

    I will endeavour to get better. As you rightly say, this is the most important thing.



  • Hello Catharsis

    We are always here for you if required

    All the best


  • Further my earlier reply Wikipedia and both have quite a lot on Risperidone.

    Cheers olderal

  • Thanks so much for this, olderal. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry my reply isn't fuller. I'm just a bit tired I guess.

    I will have a look.

    Many thanks again,