I’ve been depressed now for over a month. I don’t want to have nothing to do with people. I’m tired of life and this cruel world…I always wonder why am I born? Why was I born into this family and in this country. I feel trapped like I can’t escape my own life. I wonder why my mother did not get an abortion, why did she decide to keep me if I wasn’t gonna amount to nothing? Everything I’ve ever loved has hurt me or disappointed me. I’m fed up caring for people who don’t really give a damn about me. Like who want’s to be struggling with depression, self-harm, anxiety, and panic attacks. I cannot cope with life and all it’s inconsistencies. I’m sick of always being unhappy and going through shit every year. Everytime I try to get myself together something always happen and I end up back at square one. Jobless (BROKE) Alone (SINGLE) Ugly (INSECURE) Low-self esteem (NO CONFIDENCE) Sick (IllNESS)

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  • hi kawaiinewnew, you are bound to be feeling low after your relationship broke down, that plus you said your thyroid may not be right would make anyone feel that way. Your self-esteem sounds low too. can you get to see your counsellor soon? perhaps ring and tell them you feel you need to be seen.

    I'll check-in same time tomorrow to see if you've been back on.



  • Hi hamble99b have you heard back from kawaiinewnew in private message perhaps ?

  • Hey, maybe your right on that

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