Hello everyone. I am alarmed at some of the negative replies being sent to people out there who need encouragement to overcome negativity.

Come on guys, where is your faith? Faith in anything will do...human nature, family...friends...God...nature...any faith will do!

Get up in the morning and look outside. The sun has risen despite the darkness in your head.

At the moment I am neither manic, nor depressed. Every morning is a new chance to be a bit better than the day before.

Depression is like a dark veil descended between you and the outside world. The veil will lift and show you how amazing life is.

Your senses will gradually be restored...all five of them. ( maybe six or even seven). Smell the flowers, as they say.

Too much doom and gloom. Are there any bipolars out there who are manic at present?

For heaven's sake, let's get the balance right.

This sounds stroppy but my intentions are well meaning.

Jan (aka Hilhilo).

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  • Jan,

    I have always maintained that Positive thoughts beat negative ones each and every time. Positive thoughts help the world to look brighter, whilst negativity can leads one onto a downwards spiral.

    Keeping ones brain occupied all the time and talking to everybody about anything bar one's problems.

    Doing a hobby (there are too numerous to count) certainly keep ones proactive.

    So come on get up, make yourself a nice cuppa and and simply go out today today.

    Ps I have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy for all of my life and coupled with this anxiety and depression, so I speak as one when has vast experience of this subject matter.

    Yes, positive thoughts have worked for me.


    Author of


    It can be an evil illness with no cure for 30% of us My blog has helped many

  • Lovely to meet you. So glad you replied to my post. All the very best, you are certainly a welcome visitor to my iPad anytime!


  • Jan,

    Thank you and likewise to you. Here's wishing you a very happy Sunday and week to come.

    Kind regards.


  • Well Jan most of us here are 'just' depressives and not bi-polar so we don't get the highs. You sound like you are on one now. Good for you but watch out for the lows won't you? x

  • Thanks for warning but I am cheerful by nature.

  • Well so I am but not when I am in the throes of a depression and many of us here are the same.

    if I was cheerful all the time I wouldn't need to be on a depression site, I would be cured! x

  • Hello hilohilo.

    It's a while since I've been on here, just saw your title in my weekly H.U update..

    I've not had the best of months and would dearly love to have a hypo ...... I do cycle between moods quite frequently, and I do know that I will get through this low,

    At the current time I have to stick to the basics like proper sleep and food, and just finding ways to stop myself from slipping. ..... Yesterday I walked up to my allotment, all l wanted to do at first was curl up away from everyone, but I let autopilot take over and after a few hours I left for home at least feeling level.

    Today a walk in the woods is on my schedule, , I don't expect it to make me full of the joys of life, but hope it will stop the day from deteriating.

  • Hello. I suppose feeling level is our aim. It would be nice to be well balanced and on an emotional plane all the time. I'm glad to hear you go to your allotment and go for walks in the woods. Being part of our natural surroundings...the weather, the seasons...a great reminder we have a place in it all. And you are nurturing ang growing things.

    I'm glad you are trying your best not to slip further down.

    My wish is to sustain a balanced mood so the swings don't affect my life any more.

    Yes, the hypo mania is great while you're in it. But why are you hoping for your next one when you know what goes up must go down?

    Hilohilo (Jan)

    PS sleep, food,fresh air...chats to fellow allotment holders? You're doing really well.gardenknome.

  • I've found that the negative comments tend to be on the depression. Community with site. I'm with the Pain Concern community as well and there tends to be far fewer comment of that nature.

    Maybe with depressive disorders its more difficult to summon the empathy necessary to be supportive a lot of the time.

    I agree with you Jan to find the happy aspects of life but oh its hard sometimes

  • Yes it is really hard. But reading negative comments from other depressives doesn't help, apart from knowing there are other sufferers out there. Being told to cheer up and look on the bright side of life is not helpful, either. I realise that.

    I'm sure you are right that being in the depths of one's own depression makes it difficult to offer support to others.

    At the moment I am neither high nor low but know how hard it can be to get out of a deep depression. Wishing you well. Deejames.

    Hilohilo (Jan)

  • Correction to my post - should have said tend to be on the Action on Depression part of the site. Sorry


  • Hi I have been on the site for several years and have always found it very supportive and helpful. Never seen anything negative here or very rarely. But as with all sites open to the general public anyone can join and it only takes 1 or 2 people to cause problems doesn't it? Then the nature of the site can change for a while but hopefully it will soon get back to normal as a safe and supportive place for those suffering from depression or other mental health issues. x

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