Read this before you panic!

when you feel panic....repeat to yourself........

''I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, I am happy''.....and you will be........

when you keep thinking, reading, speaking and writing of panic and that is what you will get....

be careful of the words you speak and write for they are creating your future....

When you mention God.....well, ''I am'' is a name of God

and when you say ''I am'' are calling to God calling the name of God, I am,

and then to follow the name of God with Happy, is to state what you want from God!

so, if you say ''I am panicking'' you are creating more of the same! have to look back very far to see when you planted that word seed that has now grown into the life you are now experiencing.

Have faith that you are now going to plant new word seeds into your new life experience.....

and as with all seeds, they need to be watered with other good thoughts, more love and good actions....

or else you are just planting more weed words ...such as you are experiencing now!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for you to have a peaceful night and wake up refreshed and start your day, planting word seeds of love and happiness will reap a good harvest when you start planting now.....

the sooner the better.

Thank Jesus for his help and speed up the growing process....

this is now down to your Faith sweet child of God



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29 Replies

  • Erm Sally....

    I'm going to regret this aren't I...I can hear my friends on here saying ...noooo don't SAY ANYTHING!

    Sally I think it is wonderful you have such great faith and I know what you aim to do with your post is help. However, if it were that simple this forum would be called 'Wow what an amazing day, bet you were on cloud 9 too :-)'

    People here are generally highly intelligent it's true what Thomas Gray said 'Ignorance is bliss'. The human mind is like a steel trap it will lead you down all sort of avenues and blind the more intelligent you are the more contrived and multicoloured those alleys can become.

    What am I trying to say, I think I'm trying to say if you have an interest in people with depression you first need to understand the reasons for someone to feel that way are as vast as the ocean and are rarely the cause of merely having a bad day.

    You are completely correct if you focus on something going wrong sure as eggs it will. However the idea that you can wave away 'panic' by chanting 'I am happy' well it maybe applying a sticking plaster to cover up the real problem which could be far more serious.

    Also you need to allow that some people don't believe in your God or indeed anyones God. May I just say my God doubles up with Santa at Christmas ( oh come on they look exactly alike! ) and is in complete agreement that people forcing you to eat brussel sprouts at Christmas is wrong! I digress.

    I don't think there is one answer except I suspect the answer is within all of us but that isn't helpful.

    Maybe Sally could I respectfully suggest a little gentler treading if you don't mind me saying. I really hope you don't find my reply offensive in anyway and may I wish you the happy life you deserve.

    (I have the phrase mind your own beezwax going through my head...about me I hasten to add...sorry)


  • I prefer the reply....oh, that's different!

    I might give that a sounds peaceful, and I need to be more peaceful because everything I have tried before has not been very pleasant

    so I think I will sit down quietly and breathe deeply into my lungs

    I will feel the air passing through my nose

    I will enjoy the sensation

    I will feel my lungs expanding

    I will feel my stomach expanding

    and then I will gently release the air slowly from the base of my lungs

    I love feeling peaceful

    and so I will continue to think peaceful thoughts

    say peaceful words

    write lovely things

    do good to other people

    and God will bring so much better things to God already has!

    God is energy

    Gods Law says what you are, you will attract more of the same

    Gravity is Gods Law...and you understand that

    The Law of Cause and Effect is in evidence when you are not happy

    think, speak, write and do good things then the same will be done to you

    the evidence of your thoughts is the experience you are in now

    I have Peace because I understand fear and sadness, and I let them go.

    have a lovely evening of Peace

  • Right oh, if you don't believe in God can you transpose your cat Morgan (or whatever the persons cat is called :-) ?

    Sorry but I'm not sure you entirely understood my reply, my mistake.

    However as the Irish say Sally....may the road rise to meet you.

    Have a good one :-)

  • go and ask scooby doo

    he is a very happy dog...a very healthy dog

    Peace is just Peace

    Happiness is waiting for you to remember it

  • Thank you so very much I have only just read your message, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you've given me great comfort just now whilst I'm struggling with TERRIFING fear Thank you xx

  • THANK YOU Carolinelondon I really appreciate what you have replied to yogisally her reply was to me, and I'm so very grateful you picked up on her, I'm not in a good place at the moment and her reply ( I felt ) made little of what I was saying and feeling, so THANK YOU so very much I thought it was just me the way I'm feeling xx

  • Awe Sandraan Im really touched thank you. What a kind thing to say.

    I hope things improve for you, Im so sorry you are having difficulty and I'm sorry I missed your post, but will look for it when I have more time.

    Sandraan however you feel know you are loved and that you are stronger than you think. Please be very, very kind to yourself at this time and recall when a friend was in need how kind you were to them and then be that kind to you, you deserve the very best life can give my friend.

    I hope you keep talking and know that here at least you aren't alone. I have been very lucky and made some wonderful friends here and I'm sure you will too. Sending a big hug and all my love xx

  • ...and breathe....very deeply

    smile alot

    for when they attack you.....for your kindness

    you can never be hurt by them

    in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I forgive you all

    Peace and thank you

  • That dog is a genius, him and my friend shaggy what a team! :-)

  • so...that made you happier!

  • Wasn't sad love....Im one of those uppy downy gals, more uppy that downy but I get down and dirty with the best of them, I have experienced Churchills black dog :-) x

  • you are now, what you write you are.....!

    are you sure you don't want to write that again??

    The Word creates, so use your Words kindly and wisely !

  • My thank you was to caloalinelondon xx

  • Good for you to choose whom ever you want to

  • Yes I always make the right choice, thank you

  • No I don't Sally, this isnt a game, this isn't lets stick a happy sticker on it.

    Come on if you want me to treat you as an intelligent woman then you know this about vibration, energy transference maybe even quatam physics.

    I can SAY what I like but if I DONT FEEL it, if my vibration or chakras or whatever you believe in isnt aligned, if Im not my authentic self at that point, I may as well be p*ssing in the's ALL fake and the Universe or God knows that. Words are up to a point important but Im not the sum of my words, its the feeling thats important and I feel fine.

    How many times have you said I bad thing, described a worry or concern and nothing has happened...heavens if everything we 'said' happened we'd all be dead by now.

    Sorry dont mean to be harsh Sally but come on you are smarter than this.


  • every comment is a layer

    like a cake

    you choose the layers you wish to experience

    by the thoughts, words and actions YOU choose

    I chose to experience Peace and Happiness in ,my life...i used to experience the other stuff

    and then I found out about choice

    so it is my choice to tell others about this

    as they may not know how to make life cake

    you now know

    it may take a while for the cake to bake

    but you will eat your they say

    so say good things

    think good thoughts

    do good to others

    and all this is returned to you

    ....the same goes with gardening and the explanation of planting word seeds or word weeds

    I am happy

    I am peaceful

    I am beautiful

    I am loved

    ...and then put a candle on the top...Happy Birthday


    you can thank me later when you eat your cake or reap your harvest


  • Right oh, I'll bare it in mind :-)

  • Sally, I suggest you stop posting on these pages where there are vulnerable people reading and take your god-bothering messages with you when you shut the door and leave!

  • God bless you Tina, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may your Mind be peaceful and your heart be full of love...have a lovely day

  • Sally you are priceless my

  • I know...

    and I know that I am loved

  • Yes I totally agree with you Tina, Sally is making people feel worse than helping to feel better, please stop Sally

  • Now Tina there must be a small part of you that found Sally's reply to you hillarious :-) Certainly made me smile. I hope you have a wonderful day Tina


  • well then, I have helped you out of your depression!..for to smile is to not be sad...and it changes your metabolism and makes you happier

    so keep smiling!

    and to stand up for something you believe in, will make you stronger

    ...but to believe in depression is not going to help

    to believe in Happiness and Peace will help, for it is the opposite of depression,

    and you have the choice to choose every moment of your life experience

    by the thoughts you accept,

    the beliefs you accept

    and the words that you speak


  • I agree. I think you are on the wrong site Sally. This is a depression site - do you have depression? I think you would be better off on a religious site!

  • Cough Sally seems to think if we prayed and believed in Jesus we would

    Not be depressed, it's kind of saying it's our own fault that we are Depressed. I

    Can let this stuff go, but vulnerable people could feel upset.

    Amen sister.

    Hannah xxx

  • Sally,

    I think we have got the message now. It's all in the mind ( I don't think your picture could signpost that any more blatantly) and by choosing to use negative language we perpetuate negative feelings. Which sounds like fairly banal CBT theorising to me. No doubt the Lord is able to end all suffering. Anyway I'm pleased you are loved and that you 'forgive ' us for rejecting your ' kindness.'

    Now go away.

  • Ha ha ha love it xx