I wish I had a place to go to

I wish there was a place I could go to when I am feeling low and want to end my life. A place where I could feel save and welcome. Where people talk to me and where I can talk to someone. A place where I don't fear being arrested or punished. A place where I can leave to go home. A place where I can be honest and where I can say how I feel and not being judged.

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  • You don't say how old you are Rachel - if you are at school or college then go to see the student counsellor as they provide a safe space like that. If you are an adult then there may be a centre near where you live for women to support one another and they also have counsellors who will support you, either one to one or they have times when you can drop in, talk with others and say what you feel without being judged. If you can't find one then message me and I will search for you in your area. Suexx

  • I don't know any centre where I could go to. The only suggestion I get is: go to A&E. I cannot do that again. Waited for hours and was send home. For the last 9 months the thing I got was assessments and getting discharged from various services.

  • Google your nearest town name and counselling, or try womens' support, or womens' centre. If you don't find anything you could ask your local mental health team (CAMHT) as they will probably know. There are charities in most areas that can offer ongoing support, especially to women. If you have a specific problem ie abuse, or domestic violence, or alcoholism, then google that and the two name, or even just the region ie north west UK.

    Let me know by messaging me if you get stuck and I will have a go for you as I can be good at researching:)


  • I live in Greater London. I don't know where to go or whom to call. I don't think there is anybody who want's to help me. I cannot afford counselling and don't know how to integrate any kind of therapy in my schedule. I am working 9 to 5.30. Which was a couple of time the reason for discharging me from help. That fact that I am still "able" to work is mostly used against me. There just wait that I end my life because I am not worth the money to spend for me to help me.

  • I have told you how to look for someone, saying you don't know who to call won't help you. Nobody will come and offer you the place, unfortunately you need to look for it yourself. The NHS is unable to offer appointments out of hours but you are entitled to take time off work for medical appointments which therapy is, but perhaps you would lose pay if you are hourly paid. There are very many psychotherapy organisations in London - The Tavistock Centre is the best known, and they often offer therapy with trainees for reduced costs so do at least try. If you don't make the effort nothing will happen, it is the same for us all. Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh but it sounds as though you are passively giving into not being helped despite the suggestions I have offered you.


  • Hi there Suehas given you great advice, but you

    Yourself need to do some effort too. There are lots

    Of support Groups for Depression in Greater London

    And I enclose a link for you.


    We all have to help ourselves too as otherwise there

    Would be no change for any of us. You are well enough

    To work so use your will to get help, I can't be of any more

    Help as I am not in UK. If you feel in immediate danger

    Please go to A & E. You dont say what has caused you

    To feel like this.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • It sounds as though you feel like you don't belong anywhere. I feel that myself at times and that's how I feel right now. But we do belong here, and you can talk to us. We can't offer a comforting hug but we can wish you the best and provide emotional support. At least you have found a place online where you are welcome, you are always welcome here :) x

  • Kingston hospital is a good place they have a place there for people like us.

    Or you can try this number 08000288000 crisis line, they can help as well.

    There is a place in Teddington called the Maddison centre, 140 church road Teddington tw11 8ql you can just go and sit in there, there are alway people there. If you call them 02035131700 they will be able to put you in touch with someone.

    Also we are here for you, speak to me anytime. Some people say I'm a good listener, some say I give good advice. I'm here for you as are many others.

    Take care


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