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Feeling much better now my other half is back in the country. Knowing he was coming home gave me the motivation I needed to get up and dressed and do all the housework yesterday. I now have a lovely, clean house (which always makes me feel better), bought some nice flowers to brighten the place up, and can spend some quality time with him at the weekend rather than fretting about stuff I should be doing round the house :)

Just need to get myself motivated again today, whilst he's out at work. Time to get up and out of the house and make the most of the nice weather!

Have a good day everyone xxx

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See?! Even little things like cleaning the house makes you feel so much better, once you've found your mojo again I'm sure you'll accomplish anything humanly possible. Just remember the whole idea of "if I'm not okay how can I help others?". I guarantee he loves you no matter what and that should be all the motivation you need! Hopefully this helps in anyway


Yeah - but I'm still sitting on my ass messing about on here instead of getting up and out there ;)


Then get off here and go for it!


You too - catch you later!




That's nice. I can imagined your face while you're sharing. Its so lovely! Do what you want with a smile on your face, that would help a lot to make the chores more effortlessly.

Enjoy!!! ;)


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