Stressed isn't the word!

I am so stressed right now, how do my family expected everything from me when I can't do nothing for my self, I understand they want to help but telling me to snap out of it and cheer up is not the solution they don't know me when I become stressed and depressed they know the old me not the new one! I am meant to keep out of stressful situations but that will not happen...

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  • My family are exactly like that too. It's so hard when they don't understand. Have you explained to them? If you have then I'm not quite sure what to suggest. I've just now come back home today as the Easter holiday has finished and already being with my family is taking its toll. I was happy about 3 hours ago. "/ Have you got somewhere you can go to have a breather?

  • Yes they do know but I think sometimes they forget and think I'm well again all they want is for me to be well but I think they expect sooner rather than later and it's not an easy step

  • I have often resorted to going to the local graveyard, to get away from everything, quiet and peaceful, it's a place you can have a good cry, without people disturbing you, as they think you are mourning a loved one.

    Wipe your eyes and able to face the world again.

  • That's a good point I live next to a grave yard and it is very quiet, thanks for the tip

  • If you are depressed or stressed you can't just snap out of it ! That is a common response from people who don't understand the illness. Many don't that's very common. If you had a broken leg or cancer people wouldn't tell you to pull yourself together and snap out of it. See your GP and have a proper chat about how your feeling, dont be ashamed it's not uncommon. Perhaps some counselling or anti depressants may help. Or if it's stress related some time out to regroup could help.nsome time things happen that push our stress levels to the limit. Stress and depression are very different things but stress can lead to depression if left untreated xx

  • I know it's very hard to do and I feel like I am constantly repeating myself that's why I get stressed. I have seen a go in se him every month or so but its not much help, my counsellor is a better help. I'm on anti depressants, I have been diagnosed as depressed but stress doesn't help either

  • I often feel like this as well. Out of place, misunderstood and alone. Its nice to connect with people on this site so we don't ALWAYS Feel like the above. Today- I at least hope that for you!

    Be kind to yourself too- that is one thing I have been trying to work on. Forgive yourself and don't be so hard on yourself. Some peoples minds only expand so much and that's tough when facing difficult situations, depression, anxiety etc.... and trying to get them to understand. One day at a time! Take care of yourself and when possible- worry less about those around you and more about your healing. Easier said than done I know. God Bless!

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