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fed up

hi there sorry i couldnt be more cheerful but im having a really.bad patch just now crying and not sleeping to great ! a short while ago my phyciatrist changed my dosage of quetiapine m/r to 200mg in the morning with 25mgs at night ! ive just taken a 25mg tablet due to the fact ive been upset must of the day ! i hate been on my own most of the time but cant expect others to be there all the time ! my wifes really been brilliant as has my two sisters one who has had mental health problems her self she has been great talking me out of suicidal thoughts two times were i was at my lowest ! i wouldnt wont to be in that place again even though i get these thoughts every other week ! thank you for all the help and hope i can help others and use my experences to help others ! god bless david !

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Hi David and I'm really sorry that your feeling so low. It's hard but you

Know these thungs do pass, try and just take it hour by hour at the

Moment. Maybe have a cup of tea and put some nice music on to lift

Your spirits. Hope you being to feel a bit better.

It's horrible when you feel like this and I know it can be hard to see the

Light at end of tunnel.

Warm hugs to you .


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hi hannah thanks for taking the time to answer my quiery im more fed up with.the dark mornings. as i was told to expect my.mood change ! my tablets soon i hope ! take care hannah - david x


Yeah me too, like Hannah, we don't want to see you beat up on yourself.

I don't know much about meds but Im sure they can play havoc, I do have periods every month and thats enough to send anyone Like a kind of luna madness, if you feel like that, that's crappy.

So how about we change the subject, well done you on having a wife! To me the one who s not married thats like alchemy, and your sisters helping you only show what a fab brother you are! My brother wouldn't cross the street to help me, not cos he doesnt like me, he's just toooo busy a verrrry verrry busy man...yawn... ha ha. You are a very loved man David and even more so liked, so take comfort.

Hannahs right, days almost done, so give up, rest and decide to start again tomorrow. Take the night off, and watch a film or listen to a play and give your mind a rest from all that looping. You can afford a night off, it isnt time lost. Give David a long earned break. Be your own best friend and have a long luxurious bath with a good book. Or as men like to do, find something mechanical and take it apart....being mindful to make sure it can never be re-assembled.

Tomorrow is another day and full of promise and new ideas, for tonight imagine you are on holiday and let no one stand the way of your reaching for relaxation.

My Nirvana tonight is a small bottle of ale and a pizza! You could join me but frankly by the time you get here I will have eaten it all and the ales, not for sharing it says so on the bottle.

I will however send you a HUG XX


caroline im indeed lucky to have such caring brother and sisters they have been there for me for as long i can remember regards your brother its a shame hes so busy ! my wifes been my rock and always there for me ! take care david


David there are times for all of when we need support rather than give it and this is just your time. So please don't beat yourself up over it. You give immense support to all of us most of the time and we are here for you now. How can we help? If you want to vent or yell just do so we all have broad shoulders and you can cry on mine anytime you want.

God bless you my dear friend. Lots of love and hugs. Bev xxx


hi bev thanks for taking the time to answer my post there are so many nice and helpful people yourself included so much on this group ! please if you ever need a shoulder to cry on im here ! take care david xx hugs


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