Great Expectations

Well Here is the patient with PsA with A side serving of Gout and now a inspection next week to see if my hat is on straight ??

To be honest I am bloody sick of the whole medical problem I suffer from. The medications we need to take to control the PA are cancer medications with all the side affects that go with them. We take NSID medications for to reduce the swelling of the joints. I need to take antidepressant to control the nerve pains and strong Opiate medications to control the pain. Of course I must not forget my Depression I need further medications to control that as well.

Most of the problems I have are the worry the medicinal soup is doing to my insides, when I take the DMARDS they have a good chance of upsetting my immune system so when we need to take these sweeties we worry over infections we may pick up along the way. I am not given any more of these because of the contraindications and possible damage they cause. They still try every now and then

Next week I have to have a camera put up inside of me as I have been bleeding, although it has stopped I still need to go through the test, I suppose I am lucky they are going to bang me out. Oh JOY.

What does the world have to offer me next. Lucky Hazel has put up with this for near on thirty years

Sorry everyone I need to let rip, I should be in a more receptive mood tomorrow.


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  • Hi Bob, my heart goes out to you, and I dont blame you for being browned

    Off with Pain and Meds and Depression.

    It's good to let it out and we have big ears. Sending you a big hug and When I go

    To the Church I will light a candle for you Bob, to say I'm thinking of you.

    Hannah x

  • Bob,

    To echo Hannah, my heart goes out to you. I'm not surprised you want to sound off. You do well not to do it more often with everything you have to manage. Bob, I hope the test next week is not too unpleasant and that the results are good. I'm sure you are lucky to have Hazel, but I'm sure Hazel is also lucky to have you Bob.

    Love to you, Hazel and Pax,

    Sarah x

  • Bob I think I know how you feel. All the positive thinking in the world doesn't make sense some day but its worth trying to look for the small pleasures. Who ever Hazel is she sounds like one. A bit of the Pollyanna syndrome ! Now there is one to turn your stomach if you are old enough to remember the film. Good luck

  • Do you know what Bob, you still managed to add humour in your post which shows your strengths. Also as you said, you don't let rip often and I thought that it was only gout in the foot with depression. You are a very brave man, have a wonderful wife and have every right to fight back xxx Dens

  • Bob, you've answered my soundings off with kindness so here's my try. I think you are entitled to do so if it makes you feel better. Your humour in such circumstances is amazing. I think you cope with all that life throws at you and still come bouncing back. Regards to Hazel. Lorna

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