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Chester Bennington

We have lost yet another great and creative mind to the horrors of depression.

I love the music of Linkin Park and I will never forget how their music helped me through my darkest school days. Their lyrics still resonate with me even after all these years. Their new album is amazing and the meaning behind the lyrics cannot compare to the modern rubbish we have to put up with now.

His music will live on forever and he will continue to help those who are struggling.

I feel grateful we were lucky enough to have one more album.

RIP Chester xx

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He will possibly gain some form of mortality with His Music.

Mind I really disagree with suicide, from my own experiences



I don't think it's anything we can agree or disagree with or pass comment on


For anyone caught up in suicidal thinking, life must be torture to believe it's the only way to stop the pain.

Suicide is a tragedy but we cannot judge the person too harshly.

It's such a loss for family and friends to bear and leaves so much pain, questioning and heartache.

However, great care must be taken to talk with people at this point. Often, comments about the pain it will cause a persons family may be heard as supporting their belief that people are better off without them. This is because of the loss of perspective and high emotional sensitivity caused by depression. Ultimately, another person telling what they can't do may complete the circle of powerlessness that they feel.

Suicide can be the last positive action a person believes they have in controlling their life. So, please remember this. Try and give them another choice if dealing with a suicidal person.

I'm not an expert but I've be close to these decisions myself. Now I see how depression affected my thinking, but I didn't at the time.

My heart goes out to all the people struggling with these ideas. I hope someone or something touches you to remind you that there are other choices. You are not alone. You can recover. This will change.


FRom what ive read he was not really the same after chris cornell killed him self in the same manner as Chester did, sad though.

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It just shows u that wealth, talent, fame don't make you immune to mental ill health.

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Yeah i agree you can have all the money in the world and if your in that place it really means nothing.

You can have a nice car big tvs buy what you want but in the end whats inside can still feel empty or just darkness.

Materialistic things might bring temporary joymwnt but always end up the same way.


It's times like this I wish people would link depression, mental ill health and suicide together permanently in their minds.

Often people treat depression as not being that serious. WRONG! It's a potentially life threatening illness!

So no more - wishy washy banal pleasantries about getting a grip, pulling self together, you're just having a bad day, what's caused it. No I want joe bloggs to go, crikey that's tough, shows you it can happen to anyone, when were you diagnosed, how's the treatment, are the doctors happy with your progress, anything I can do to help? Just like they do with other life threatening illness.

Because the truth is depression can kill. Thankfully,people are opening up and getting help.

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The cons Psychtst wrote to me and said if you want to die you will find a way! Not a lot of help bearing in mind my history.

I never thought I would be treated in this way by anyone in the MH profession. I am disgusted and still struggling with this.

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Hello Lottie

Mental Health now at this time is a Cinderella Service and when you look at treatment plans in a way the chances someone being around from the Health Service can be as rare as hens teeth. Generally it most probably would be an outside source a friend or family member who will find a suicide attempt and then there will be a need to get an Emergency Service out to take the person to hospital. time ticks by.

In my case I was lucky that they managed to get to me and they were able to help before hospital arrival.

I would imagine it would take an ambulance at most road ends and people not been left alone to prevent death from Suicide. I can and do understand how you feel unsettled regard this fact, it is a fact of life that a suicide attempt either a cry for help or a serious attempt may take its course before help arrives. Second thoughts happen. it is all very frightening and very base, the will to survive is strong. Many do not get that second chance. I was lucky I was given that second chance to live and work on my illness.



Hi Bob

I understand what you are saying Bob and I am glad you had that second chance. I am glad I had that second chance as I met and fell in love with my partner. Now he has passed I do not know anymore. My survival instinct, without me knowing it, must be strong because I am still here. Living one day at a time. It is like wading through treacle, life is hard for me now and at times the urges are so very strong. I know if I make another attempt I will succeed. I will not mess it up again. I still think it is unforgiveable for a MHT to send a letter stating if you want to die you will. I just think it is so wrong and not helpful !!! I am so angry and so so sad.



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