Xmas sadness

This time of year is very difficult for so many and for so many reasons. I had my own struggles with severe anxiety and depression in the.past and know how overwhelming and endless it feels. At my place of work we decided to do acts of kindness for those less fortunate. We all donated items and made up xmas pressies for the homeless, these were put into small shoe boxes and decorated, we distributed these throughout the town, the boxes contained, gloves, hats, chocolate n sweets, toothpaste n brushes, wipes, and a small money donation etc, the homeless received these boxes with appreciation and joy like ive never seen, such a small token compared to their struggle day in day out and yet they received them with genuine happiness and were all so grateful. I witnessed this with eyes full of sadness n tears, I couldn't believe that this tiny gesture could mean so much. This made me realize how lucky I am, I have a roof, warmth n food, yes I've struggled but compared to these guy's my struggle was a very small battle, god bless xxxx


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14 Replies

  • Hi suzie482

    Thank you for your post. That was such a lovely gesture and it is very humbling to witness others suffering and also their gratitude.


  • Thankyou chole40


  • Your thoughts and actions are highly commendable suzie482

  • Dear Suzie

    I had me a good start to the day, managed some baking, followed by a shower and getting dressed - quite an achievement for me

    Your post brought me to tears - not for my own woes - but for all those genuinely homeless people who have no oven to bake in, no hot shower, no clean clothes, and more importantly, no forum for support and to share lows (and highs) with.

    I have rooted out a shoebox - your post is inspirational xx

  • There are many wonderful aspects to this season of Goodwill To All Men

    But not much goodwill to the millions of poor turkeys, raised in inhumane conditions

    And killed just to feed all the greedy humans

    Spare a thought for them as you tuck into your Xmas dinner.

    I'll be having nut roast.

  • Yes jennyjolly, sadly our animals suffer at the hands of some humans, this happens all year round and not just at xmas

  • I'm planning On A Vegan Pizza With Imitation Mozzerella Cheese, And Mock Pepperonis And Vegan Base Vegan Sauce... :)

  • Sounds wonderful ..must try that

    Happy Veggie Xmas!!

  • Happy Veggie Christmas! :) I Only Just Noticed You Said That To Me, So Happy Veggie Christmas To You Too! :)

  • Yes

    Very painful to read/think about

    I had fifteen pets for sixteen years and was impressed by their love and sensitivity

    When my beautiful cat was killed

    Her twin sister stayed with me on my bed for three days and kept stroking my head with her paw

    I prefer animals to most people I've known

  • Animals never judge, I'm a huge animal lover myself, just wish everyone could see the love they offer :-)

  • Got My Cat Next To Me Now.

  • I hate Christmas

  • I try to focus on the good aspects

    Represents the birth of a great spiritual teacher/healer/more

    Also Peace/Light/Goodwill To All Men

    Lots of twinkly lights all around

    Meet up with friends bearing pressies

    Or treat yourself to something meaningful

    eg positive thinking book/similar

    I hate the mass killing of turkeys/geese etc

    Just for human's greed

    And the non stop festive foreplay of tv ads etc starting in Sept

    Hope you are able to find some peace and joy in your life this Xmas/coming year :-)

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