Things are looking brighter today

Yesterday I painted my nails bright red and then headed out to start my 5x50 challenge. I am going to be walking 5k every day for 50 days, no matter what the weather is like.

The walk was tough as I have been fairly inactive due to the anxiety, depression and stress.

Had a serious heart to heart chat with my husband as well and although I feel tired and achy today I actually can see a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon now.

Got a great support team around me of family, NHS specialists and my GP has been really understanding. I am going to enjoy how I feel at the moment and try and ignore that negative voice in my head that is trying to spoil how I feel today.

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  • That's good to hear. Keep that positivity in you.

  • Thanks, negative voices is fighting to get heard. Going for a walk later, it's raining now but I am still going out. That will hopefully make it moan about something trivial, like the rain rather than other stuff.

  • That's a great attitude to have !!

    It's great you're getting into exercise. I think the challenge is great and will give you something to work towards... But I hope the challenge isn't too high because it's important to set realistic goals. Setting a small goal and achieving it is better for our state of mind than a large one which is impossible.

    I'm hoping to get back into my fitness classes. I am VERY unfit right now and the dust at work has been affecting my asthma.. I really enjoyed the fitness classes and felt better for them. But at the moment I have upset an old injury in my back so need to wait until that is healed (I'm only 24 and I'm speaking of old injuries haha). It's just something silly I did and now I'm paying for it :(.

    Hope this continues and I'm glad you are on a healing path. Exercise makes all the difference, so keep at it ;) xx

  • Sorry to here about your back. My husband has had problems with his back for many years so I know how awful that can be. I did a lot of goal setting for myself and other archers for a number of years. I'm finding that as the fog clears from my head that those techniques are coming back. I used to walk more that 5k in a day when I was competing so I know the 5k is a realistic goal for me.

    I was also a coach on the paralympic squad and worked with a number of young adults and teenagers while I was with the team. I understand how awful it can be to be young and have such injuries. Take care of yourself, I hope your back improves soon.

  • 5k each day for 50 days is a monumental effort and you should be very very proud of yourself. I'm pleased to read that things are getting brighter for you and long may it continue.


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