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What a lovely surprise to wake up to your messages, thank you. Yes meds. covered, was sent to a pain management course 2 sessions a week for 13 weeks and it was so insightful. We had specialists in all fields to explain ie; pain relief meds, how to take them, the 7 levels etc (have become an expert almost), a Pain Specialist Nurse, a Physiotherapist and the CBT person, so a very useful experience and have a folder, produced by them, to refer to and permitted to share.

Psychiatrist seen, 1st appointment he was 35 mins late and told me there wasn't enough time and to rebook, 2nd appointment he was taking notes, 3rd he asked,"...and you are?" needless to say I refused to see him again which put a black mark against me until I expressed my reasons. I have always been non confrontational especially when dealing with myself, if someone said a white object was black, I'd smile and say nothing, never had the energy or fearlessness, so it surprised me to stand up for myself which as you all know is so hard when one is at their lowest. Funny what age brings! ;). Counselling was the best as the counsellor was wonderful and realising my need gave me more than the 6 sessions allocated by the NHS, until there was an opening for me to attend 'New Thoughts', again it was brilliant.

Sense of humour is the only way I can deal with things and I do indeed see the funny side of any situation my vivid imagination turns even the most uncomfortable situation in to a comedy sketch, self preservation. By the way if any of you ever feel really in need of cheer and laughter, I recommend to watch, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Gene Hackman and Richard Prior ( could be See No Evil, Hear No Evil) it always does the trick for me and I have given it many times as a gift to those in need ie; grieving, depression etc. and everyone has said that it was the 1st belly laugh that they had had in a long time.

I too believe in Scarlett O'Hara's final words in Gone With The Wind, "Tomorrow is another day". So once again thank you for your kindness and encouragement, Dens x


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  • Hi Dens thanks for that Post. You have been through a lot and I look

    Forward to getting to chat to you on the Forum.

    The Forum has been a bit quiet lately but it's a warm supportive place and

    It's nice to see someone new as well.

    Take care and talk again.

    Hannah xx

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