So Bad It's Funny, almost

Every year my family takes a holiday , children and grandchildren, even in-laws. Last year I was too sick to go, so I have been looking forward to this very much. One day into our week I got a toothache which turned into an infection. I call my Dentist , he is in the Bahamas on his own trip. So I look for a local Dr. by this time my face is so swollen I can't see, or talk and I'm feeling pretty sick. Unfortunately I get the Neanderthal of dentists.He wants me to wait 2 days and he will do 2 root canals for $1,300. i get a very mild pain killer and an antibiotic . I am in agony and the antibiotic makes me more sick. Finally Fri. comes and I am so hopeful, relief is in sight. He, Dr. Diabolic, can't  get my teeth numb . I mention this to him, but he starts drilling any way. This goes on for an hour and he gives up. Tells me to see my Dentist asap. My face is more swollen and I am close to nuts. We start home next morning, driving over 1,000 miles, we take 2 days. I vomit all the way.I see my Dentist, Dr. Good, and all is almost well. I tried so hard not to be a b tch about this, but there were times when it got ugly. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Some of it is funny,I feel whiny.

I may never leave home again, I do know one thing, enough pain can make you crazy. Mainly I feel bad like I ruined everyone's trip ,not that that has been inferred. No place like home.


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  • I wouldn't feel bad. Whether or not they had a good time was up to them. I hope they made the best out of the trip while still being good to you.

  • Yes they were good to me. Really not much they could do.I think I;m disappointed in myself, I wanted someone to take charge , like my husband or my daughter and get me the help I needed. I'm angry with them. I just realized . 

  • Ah I sympathise VM as this is awful.   Maybe your husband and daughter are so used to you being in charge they didn't think to try and help.   Even family aren't mind readers and you sometimes have to tell them.

    I hope you had a good trip anyway as toothache is awful.  I had root canal treatment once and I still shudder at the nightmare.  Mind you the worst pain I even had was a 'dry socket'.  This is when a tooth is removed and the usual blood clot doesn't form.   I was in agony all over Christmas and was offered an emergency appointment at 9am at a hospital miles away.  I couldn't get there coz don't have transport and the buses didn't run early enough!  Grrrhhh.   So I had to suffer until I got to my own dentist.   Bev x

  • Hi Bev did you get my PM?


  • Yep did.  Sorry will reply now.  x

  • It is awful isn't it, and you just want relief.

  • How did you know I am bossy? I am, I didn't realize it is so obvious. I always think I'm restraining myself.

  • Ah I didn't use the word 'bossy' vm just that if you usually take charge then others will wait for you to do that,   unless you tell them otherwise.   My mum used to do the same and expected us to be mind readers...  x

  • Got it, and I do that too as well as being bossy. My God, what else am I going to find out about myself on this forum? You guys are great. I always get something out of this, advice, support, a good laugh. Thank you

  • Hi VM that sounds a total nightmare, and I'm not surprised you feel

    A bit angry, when we get like this we can get a bit whiny and petty, it's natural. It was not your fault so don't worry about them not enjoying

    Their holidays, These little things happen sometimes and we get totally overwrought through pain, anything like that is very very painful,so be really kind to,yourself and be thankful for the good

    Dentists that exist and out it behind now . I think most people would feel exasperated with everything if they were in your shoes, dentally that is.

    Sending you a big hug.


  • What did your primary dentist say? Just do as he/she tells you.

  • Hello 

    When you get so bad with your teeth look up where the nearest Dental Hospital is located, they do urgent treatment and all the work is checked to BDS standards.

    I hope you do not need to go through that again, although when I was a child my Father took great enjoyment in taking me to dental butchers and since then my Dentists have to send me for Sedation, this has now gone on for about thirty years.

    Never if possible go to a dentist that has hands and attitude of a gorilla it can lead to some very nasty experiences, also it can be very dangerous for our health in general if you have multiple abscess. 


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