I feel lost

I've been laying here for ages, trying to get to sleep, but I can't, no matter what I do. I don't know what to do with myself. The longer I lie here, the more I think about how bad everything is going, and everything gets very dark. I can't bring myself to feel anything, I'm just here, laying. I've been thinking about self harming again, I'm just empty, and the only way I can feel anything is through pain; I can't even cry anymore. I need to feel something, and I'm usually such a sensitive person, but I feel nothing now, and I hate it. I'm beginning to hate myself now, and if I hate myself, how can I expect other people not to.


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2 Replies

  • Get up and have a nice cup of warm milk and sugar/honey and it will help relax you x then when you get up tomorrow get in touch with your GP and make an appointment for a chat.

    Don't self harm as you will hurt something special and that's you, you can get through it, be strong.

  • Hi

    Hidden what is there to hate? No seriously, have you killed anyone, were you nasty to anyone, think, didnt you do something in the last two weeks, even if was just open a door for an old lady, listen to a friends woe, even smile at someone and help ease their day. So what is there to hate nothing, you arent a hateful person.

    Chris is right, get up, move around, I know its late but could you bare to walk to the end of the road and back? Theres no one out there. Drink some water, move around. Say to yourself it doesnt matter if I dont sleep for the next hour, Im awake now. Give yourself a break.

    You actually DONE EXACTLY NOTHING WRONG. Put your feet on the ground, feel the ground, listen for a noise any noise and just concentrate on your ears, your feet on the ground and the noise, do it for as long as you can until you feel the here and now. Dont think about the past its gone, don't think about the future its not here. All that is here is now, so breath know its too late tonight to make any big decisions or do anything about yours or anyone else's life, breathe and decide to deal with it in the morning. You can afford to waste one night doing nothing and even the next night and the next night until you feel stronger.

    Remember your family, ground yourself, remember if this was your best friend what would you say, you would say...there is nothing to hate, there is nothing to fear. You are tired and overwhelmed, just be your own best friend and be super kind. Have a shower, change your position in the bed and sleep at the other end. Come on you can do this I have complete faith in you, this is just a blip even if it seems like more, its just a blip you deal with the heavy stuff tomorrow, you've come this far and you are much stronger than you think, its a credit to you, to who you really are.

    BIG HUG and A KISS. You are a VERY VERY SPECIAL and LOVED person, go easy on yourself, say what the hell and let it go for now, nothing bad is going to happen, you are going to be okay XX

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