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Hello everyone,

I am doing relatively OK. Spring is on the way, with lighter nights and earlier mornings.

Since my early 20's I think my anxiety has got worse. It seemed to effect only at first an increased sense of speed and danger when I was driving my car on the motorway, also when someone else was driving. Now it seems to effect most things. I follow the same rituals, that I know are safe. Eating the same food, drinking the same drink in the same pub. If I try something new that has a danger element, it is very hard to overcome. I try to ride a bicycle but am fearful of riding at speed. I tried to swim, can swim but fearful of going out my depth in a swimming pool. It affects work as well. I am fearful to ask for things, like self development. Let me know what you think, any ideas?

Thank you Andrew

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Andrew I am glad that looking forward to the nice weather is helping you a little.

Yes I think sometimes our illnesses and conditions can feel worse as we get older as maybe the body/mind is less resilient than it was; I am not sure.

I can understand about your routines and if that works for you then that is great. However sometimes it can be like a trap in that the less you try and the less you go out of your comfort zone the more fearful you get and that can lead to depression.

Have you ever thought about any cognitive behaviour therapy? It is often available by first visiting your GP and then being referred. It can maybe help you expand the list of things you do gradually and teach you how to cope with the anxiety of doing something which is a bit different. In the end you may start to feel a bit more confident and freer in yourself.

I can also recommend a website for helping yourself. It tells you all the cognitive behaviour techniques amongst other things . It is There is another one The support from this site is free to access via the NHS if you live in certain parts of the country so it may be worth checking with your doctor or healthcare provider if you are eligible.

It is nice to hear from you again Andrew.

Gemma X


Sorry I cannot help and say much I do however feel you should read some freud he writes about fear anxiety --- plus physical symptoms and signs associated with anxiety you may get a clear understanding if you do some research and form your own thoughts. i find anxiety difficult to define myself.... good reading

regards jue1xx


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