• I have poor attention skills (I often tune people out)

• I have deficient impulse control (spend money I don't have)

• I have difficulty with instructions (I pretend that I'm listening)

• I slow down under pressure (almost paralyzed)

• Negative experiences do not necessarily make me learn lessons

• Coffee somewhat elevates my mood and averts my depression

• I am highly interested in photography and creative expression

• I'm very patient and understanding of others

In my quest to be relentlessly truthful to myself, I thought I'd throw this out.

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  • Hi StressBuster

    Interesting list but the last point was a surprise. Are these typical AHDH symptoms? (I am very ignorant about AHDH)

    Hope you are OK and doing well in your search to find non-pharmacological ways to manage your symptoms. I am trying to do the same with my depression.


  • Good luck to you both trying to find the non Pharmocological way

    To be well. Unfortunately or fortunately for me I find drugs or antidepressants are the only thing that really helped me . Non pharmacalogical was just a

    Pipe dream, and a waste of time. So the difference is amazing and I just

    Wonder why you prolong the agony of Depression or Addh? I'm interested

    To know.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah

    It's a good question but antidepressants don't seem to work for a lot of people, and the difference for me when I take them isn't amazing (although they have been helpful). I want to get to a point where I know I am doing everything I can to feel well, naturally. If I reach that point and still can't enjoy life, then I'll take ADs again, definitely.

    I self-medicated with alcohol for years, which worked up to a point but then caused a load of other problems - I don't want to be relying on chemicals again if I don't have to.

    best wishes


  • Hi Libby thanks for that , I did everything too but found

    That antidepressants were better for me as they made

    A big difference to me. How are you doing now?.

    Hannah x

  • Hannah, you're lucky the drugs don't have any negative effects on you. I had a plethora of negative effects (notice I say "effects"—not "side effects" because they're all effects). With me, Ritalin increased my blood pressure dramatically (which then required blood pressure medication), caused nervousness and anxiety (which then required anti-anxiety meds (Klonopin), etc. Taking one medication prompted 3-4 others to be added—and those had additional effects... Despite the frustration of having ADHD, I feel much more stable without them. I do see a psychotherapist every week and that helps quite a bit.

  • "the last point was a surprise." The reason I say I am understanding of others and patient is because I don't like it when people are impatient with me—and I don't want to do the same to others.

  • Hi, MMMMMmmmmmm how do I reply to this post well!! I could start by saying who is a fully functioning person!!!!I think it is important to know yourselve and understand personality assests- and remember it should be emphasised that we do not treat an impersonal thing, this group/post, but are supporting individual persons in a group setting. Listen your list is not a bad one if I had to write one down it would be double the size ---- you have got all that off your chest but remember your list may alter from day to day and you may change your mind did you think of that.... if it made you feel better writing it then good.

    Regards jue1

  • Hiya

    What an interesting post. Can I ask some questions, do you want to change some of these aspects, or are you just saying thats what you are like?

    I'm a Dyslexic and so when Im tired my attention span is low and I often make mistakes. My mother accuses me of not listening though she can talk for a hour without taking a would tax most 'listeners'.

    I have tried to explain to her that I interrupt because I have poor short term memory skills and if I don't make my point or ask there and then the thought maybe lost forever. However since mainly she is only interested in expressing herself she's not really interested

    So for my ease I have transposed your list.

    • I have poor attention skills (I often tune people out).

    You listen if you want to listen if you find the subject interesting if you want to nurture listening its like a muscle you have to practice. You can play games with yourself whilst you practice by repeating most of what someone says to you, back to them, even better if you explain thats what your attempting to do.

    • I have difficulty with instructions (I pretend that I'm listening)

    If you are Dyslexic like me or have something like 'ADHD' (which I know little of), then Im afraid for you to listen all the time you will need to be mindful it will take some effort on your part. We aren't like other people for us, my being dyslexic I have to listen carefully to make sure I have understood not only what is being said but more importantly meant. It can be fun you learn and awful lot, need not be a task, make it a game.

    • I have deficient impulse control (spend money I don't have)

    Again why are you spending money is it a stress relief thing more than impulse control, could you turn something over n your hand and ask, do I really need this thing. If I buy this thing will it clutter up my house and so clutter up my life and make me unhappy. Maybe the new game could be how much stuff can I get rid of and can I make any money on Ebay selling it :-)

    • I slow down under pressure (almost paralyzed)

    That's okay thats your brains natural survival instinct, if your brain thinks you are under attack n anyway it will slow down the information so you can deal with it.

    Eg if you fall off your bike the over the handle bars it happens in slow motion. I know what you mean that you think your experience is extreme but try this for size. I have a lot of energy and race through life, when Im tired I power down and I cope with things much better; so watch yourself, yes you maybe come paralyzed but when you come out of that I bet in the long term you make better decisions or in some form it works out better for you (I stress in the long term).

    • Negative experiences do not necessarily make me learn lessons

    Lol we are all like that :-)

    • Coffee somewhat elevates my mood and averts my depression

    Coffee apparently helps migraines sometimes so it could be true it helps, dont drink coffee so wouldnt know, check out the medical side of this, it might be fine?

    • I am highly interested in photography and creative expression

    Now get this young lady, you are like me and creatives are extremely attentive, we notice everything, we are interested in everything because it feeds our creativity. So your perceived lack of listening or attention etc I believe has far more to do with you simply not being interested in that moment or in that subject. WELL DONE on being creative..hoorah...such fun. P.S. Im a rubbish So I love it that you are interested and doubtless good.

    • I'm very patient and understanding of others


    Sorry my reply is so long. If I had the smarts like Hannah I'd say all this in 5 sentences probably...ha ha.

    You are doing a wonderful job, the only way is up :-)

    BIG HUG and thank you for sharing XXX

    In my quest to be relentlessly truthful to myself, I thought I'd throw this out.

  • Hi CL, I think your post is very well written and very, touchingly. re-assuring. Best wishes.

  • Awe thanks Henry, its not often I get such praise, can I have it writing better still can I have a neon sign put above St Pancras Station and a letter in The Times... ha ha

    Oh I do run on don't

    I really appreciate your comment thank you Henry.

  • Not at all. I enjoy 'listening' to your conversation. Just keep that Great Dane of yours away from my Cat though will you please.

  • Henny I had to read this TWICE before I got it..Great Dane?!! , what great dane? then I got it, you mean The

    I wish I had a lovely dawg, but I live in a flat, Im not even allowed a

    Does everyone on here own a cat!


  • The 'Scoob' is what I meant yes. I think you may have stumbled on a great idea Caroline for possible future research, namely: Depression and what kind of pet you have (or not) may depend on what kind of depression you have. If there is anybody from King's or Imperial out there get in touch ASAP.

  • I own a small 4" bear, he goes everywhere with me, Im not sure what grade / category that puts me in?

    Does it have to be Kings or Imperial? what if it was Ealing Juniors? :-)

  • LOL Caroline. If they have a research dept. why not.

  • Show me a 5 year old who doesn't know EVERYTHING and I shall show you an impostor Henny!

  • Awwww... You're too nice, Caroline!

  • Caroline you rascal. Lol. Xx

  • Hannah it take a wasskle to know a wasskle :-)


  • Hello stressbuster

    My memory is terrible.

    Sometimes I withdraw myself when in company

    Personally I do not like to be in company

    I panic, or on occasions would prefer not to go out and mix with people I do not know

    My head on occasions feel like it is going to burst, from taking Opiate pain medications

    When talking to people I am sometimes unable to get my words out and I do forget what I am ment to say



  • Hi SB, you sound like a very interesting person with a good perspective on life. I cannot give out advice on Mental Health issues as I am not a trained professional although that doesn't stop some people on this site. But I will offer this there is being 'truthful' to yourself and being hard on yourself. Often the two are not related.

    All the best.

  • Hi I'm just reading your Post, nobody on this site gives out MEDICAl

    Advice, you may not be trained to give Mental Health Advice but

    There are people on this site who are qualified to give that advice.

    People on this site support and help to people who come on this

    forum, there is nothing wrong with that. So I do find your comment

    ' although that doesn't stop some people on this site' strange. What do

    You mean..? I give suggestions and I give my opinion, sure if we didn't

    Why would anyone come on the site? People come looking for support,


  • I meant that sometimes we can give out information that we may think will help but we must remember that often because we don't know all of the story of that particular person that it might make their situation more difficult. When I said "although this doesn't stop some people on this site" I meant that I have read people giving out advice about increasing medication or decreasing and even giving their 'diagnosis' on what someone may be suffering with. And as I said unless you are a trained Mental Health professional you(and I mean anyone)shouldn't be offering up bespoke opinions but opinions that are more general like eating well, listening to calming music etc. I wasn't saying people are unsupportive or being deliberately nasty just that (me included) sometimes you can say and do things without realising the full implications of what those things you are saying or doing have on the other person.

  • Oh yes I agree that no one should tell anyone to increase

    Or decrease their Medication, that is strictly for the Doctor, I don't think I ever gave that advice.

    What suits one person medication wise is totally

    Different for another person. No one can diagnose that is true,

    I would usually advise everyone to visit their GP, but if someone

    Is in a terrible state etc, I'm not sure they would be too happy if

    I said , oh just relax with some nice music and eat your 5

    A day. I have often said that there is no magic bullet,

    But it takes a bit of everything. medication. Talking therapy, maybe

    CBT and naturally diet and excercise.

    If you see someone giving this wrong advice then say it

    To that person, that's. Fine.

    I agree that when someone Posts we are getting their story

    Naturally we don't know all the facts, that's why I say see your

    GP. Let him decide what Medication etc. we are not Doctors. Lol


  • I hear what you are saying Hannah. All the best.

  • Thanks Henry.


  • LOL...

  • Hi there and thanks for reply. I understand that not all drugs suit everyone,

    And some antidepressants can cause blood pressure too, but I suppose all

    Drugs of all sorts can some some kind of side effect, Depression was worse

    Without them and Injust have to accept this.

    I can imagine getting Medds fir ADDH woukd be quite tricky, all you can

    Do is to look after yourself as best you can. It's very quiet here on the Forum

    At the moment.


    To you.


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