Hi hello all i wasnt on this thing for a while,im on seratraline 50mg i got off my doctor a few days ago only,anyway the 1st two or three days on seratraline i was lazyish,but now im just ok feeling alot better and more relaxed than before,no more racing or repeating thoughts flying true my head,i was on seratraline before a few times and i kept quiting takin them thinking i didnt need them,but before i know it i would be back too square one again,i still dont have much of a appitite eating much as usual on seratraline or off them,does anyone take them i would like to ask and what are they like for you just curious to know,or is there anything else that might be better to take than seratraline out there?

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  • Hi just a quick note i have just took the decision to take that same drug for my depression. I have got to be fare about this but so far i feel sluggish like you say and my diet is poor anyway but for a long time i have done just the same as you took anti depression tablets and stopped started stopped but i get to the same place as you every time. My guessing is just stay with it keep going on the pill and fingers crossed life will get better with a better out look.

    I did take citalpram and i was told that this drug was no different but was also told citalpram was the better drug.

    After a very long time of taken this tablet i chose to stop it and i ended up at real rock bottom and after this i now am trying the drug you have been put on, i hope after reading this and i apologies for the crap spelling and grammar but i hope it do help in some way shape or form.

    Take care people out there just remember 1 thing there are so many people out there who are in the same shape and mind sake as us so we truly are not alone in this fight of depression. !!

    Ray. :)

  • I'm on Sertraline at the moment, but was on Citalopram for a long time. I only swapped because I fancied a change! I'll most probably revert back because I think the Citalopram was more effective.

  • Seratraline is ok but it could be better more uplifing i think,or maybe im not giving it enough time to work,but everybody do be different taking diff types of medications,i do smoke myself so that proberly dont do much for the appetite,im gonna give seratraline another week and if im still the same as im now il ask my doctor to reccomend somthing else,or go higjer dose of seratraline,i reccomend to anyone eat good food as i do it does help in any situation like fruit veg fish and all..thanks to everyone for there opinion

  • Hi I'm on sertraline 150 mg and have been for around 5 years. I have no problems with them. x

  • Hey. I've been on 200mg sertraline for 5 years, haven't had any form of side effect, I take them regularly an rarely miss a dose, however I really don't actually know whether they work or not an whether they actually help :$

  • Hi am good morning I am on 150 mg of sertraline and I have been on them for over 8 years now started off with them been a low dose but over the years and going back to se the gp they have upped the dose from 50 mg to 80 mg then 100mg an now 150 mg I upped it my self so I was on 200mg but gp said to much as I am on other meds for nerve pain an I found that the medication once I waould take it would keep me awake for days napping in day then came the sleep after weeks of been awake for weeks came the low moods am feeling like I was on cloud nine keep feeling like this and gp says its normal but I don't think it is normal I don't have a medical degree or anything think that some doctors can over look how we feel an shove more meds down us I have been having days like this on and off for the past so many years think it's apart of my life sick of going back to doctors and saying how I feel tey don't listen hope your ok though

  • I've just started taking 50mg Setraline about 2 weeks ago and have found a change in myself in the latter few days. The biggest difference I have noticed is my emotions. Before taking it I couldn't imagine going on and spent so much time crying but now I just feel numb. Its not the best feeling in the world but its better than crying at anything and everything. The other thing I noticed when I started taking it was that I keep clenching my jaw tight. I don't know if anyone else has had this but I get some serious jaw ache as I don't realise I'm doing it.

    I hope you stick with it. I'm quite new to all this and struggling with it all but am determined to kick this. I can understand why you come off them though you feel fine when you're on them and don't think you need them.

  • I'm on 150, side effect- dreams every single night, otherwise works very well for me, so far best drug I've taken for depression

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