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A Bracelet That I Created... A Symbol For People Fighting Depression!


Me personally I have always thought the battle with my depression as a battle, a fight as you will.

The enemy (depression) is strong AND more consistent than you could ever imagine. It has always been my job to battle this obstacle throughout my whole entire life!

I was born on this earth to be happy, so I think personally, I have had the right always to be happy with myself no matter what.

Depression hasn’t always made that easy, of course. YET, while NO matter how strong my opponent we, I was ready every single day to fight and to live another day. Because there were times my life were on the line. there were times depression was almost about to win the battle and I was going to end it all...

YET, no matter how hard and beaten up I got by it, G*d dam it I fought everyday with my life to be here. I fought everyday for the last 13+ years I had to make sure I would see the day to be happy!

My life was on the line AND I had to FIGHT to stay alive. Thats why I call people who have depression or who went through depression FIGHTERS. you had to fight your way to stay alive. You had fight just to make sure you didnt end it all on that certain day.

We are all fighters everyone! Your only not a fighter when you throw in the towel and not here on this earth anymore. BUT if your still here, your a fighter by your OWN choice!

This is my whole mindset has been on depression! I wanted to let people know what this bracelet stands for:

for the fighter who never gives up this battle they are having depression. To know that they fight everyday because they know they have a chance at winning this battle!

- I want to hear your guys feedback on this necklace I want to create....

Do you like it?

Is it too simple?

is it dumb?

Do you like it?

SHARE your feedback please! I really want to create this for the community.



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now I LOVE that. I love the idea of wearing something to remind of the person you are! a true fighter! I love jewelery with a meaning! makes it even more special to wear. beautiful! keep going sunshine, I'd totally wear it! haha

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ive been really wanting to create a symbol for the community that fits people who deal with depression. so what I ended up coming with was We are all "Fighters" !

I will be releasing it soon :)

Thank you for your input!

I'm really into minimalist fonts too! I love the little font. so neat and clean. anyone can read it! beautiful.

do you think I make 2 more colors like a gold and pink?

( the color of the pink iphone basciallly)

a rose gold? YES. that would be so pretty.... yes. a silver, a gold and a rose gold for all the rose gold fans. it's in right now too.

EXCATLY! ( i just didnt know the excat name of that color lol). Because I want this to be a unisex bracelet I figured the colors are what will (hopefully) appeal & offset to men and women!

Personally also the rose gold would look beautiful, i think.

Hey, Amcclantoc 12!

I just created it in a rose gold what do you think about it? I actually like this better than the silver ( personally )

you can see it here imgur.com/a/Mapmxsg

let me know what you think!

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