I know you thought it was quiet right, you're like where's the noisy one who bangs the cymbals and the tambourine (who'd have thought tambereeeen was spelt like that...clever ole spell checker) while she marches up and down the room. Well don't worry Im here :-)

Whats that? Well since you ask I went to see about enrolling on a course which I have since worked out would mean me taking out a small mortgage on a Luxury Yacht! Still undeterred I'm going to chance the funding Angel tomorrow see if I cant get a student loan....alright allright, just cos have grey hair and a hunchback I can still get a loan you know! Im not quite tooo old!

Anyway the HealthUnlocked Gods have grant me a new forum! New you say...yes NEW. So when we go off on book tangents on why the Archers is so apaulingly bad or who is actually afraid of Ginny Wolfe we can carry on our machinations without upsetting those who may not be in the same emotional space.

Also I thought we could share book, film recommendations or in my case what I love on Radio 4 Extra or how to abduct a Mormon (a documentary I watched on netflix). So I hope you think hoorah and when I have it up and running will join me for a glass of Sangria (never drunk it, is it ewww?) round the pool and a chat about, if Cadburys really is chocolate?

So tell me how you all are please and if there have been any epiphanies.

Oh and the forum needs a name.....apparently 'If Kippers were Fishes' wont cut the mustard!

For those who arent in a somewhat silly mood because they are tired, please excuse my rambling post and to those who know me well....please doooont tell me off for inappropriacy in a built up depression area, I will just cry :-)



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  • Caroline, bless you you are lovely and a very sensitive and beautiful soul as well as being so uplifiting and funny :) XX

  • Thanks so much Gemma, hope you're feeling a little brighter today Angel XX

  • Caroline you are a breath of fresh air, I think I just need to see you profile and I start to smile before I have even read it!! :-)

    My brain has had enough for today so not capable of much and need to go unwind with my ebonies and ivory’s.

    I have actually been working this week rather than pretending to! So too tied to think now.

    So just a quick thank you for your lovely wit, catch up with you soon. :-)

    Big hugs

    Moni xxx

  • Thanks Monib I may have to retyre (see thats cos Im sweepy now) to the bed and start again tomorrow HOORAH, when we can think of a name.....

    Game of Loans...student loans...oh no thats all wrong.

    BIG KISS...Sweet Dreams thanks for the message X

  • Hi Caroline

    You sound good.

    Talk again .

    Hannah x

  • Love you Caroline :) :) :) :) xx

  • Who wouldnt feel wonderful when they are told they are loved! Thank you Cough....LOVE YOU...right back! You Wittle Wasskly Waskle :-) :-) :-) XXX

  • We need a Forum Name so please send in your suggestions, what about:

    Rambling Rose

    If Horses were Depression ( I mean Wishes)

    My Uncle Bob says....(ha ha ...I dont have an Uncle Bob!)

    I thought about maybe 'PLAYTME'!

    You know a time to play...An area where depression was allocated the climbing frame I fell off and given NO ice cream. I it could have sofas and a swimming pool with a beautiful lush green lawn, mowed in stripes and summer sunshine. An area for books, films, radio plays and odd documentaries and a where are they now section.

    Anyway if you have any thoughts let me know if you fancy :-) X

  • Is it an entirely new forum Caroline or just part of this one? As not sure you really need new forum? If it's a forum How about "humour for depressives zone" or something like that? Or if it's on this one how about "Humour corner" ( "Playtime" I really like too infact I think that is my favourite, or Monib's one of "Happyhour" is a good one) If it's a new forum Caroline you'd have to be very careful about settling guidelines; I don't really understand why you can't do it on here under a seperate heading (if they insist ) ;but has anyone actually complained about it on here at all? as we all need a bit of a lift sometimes; it isn't that you are an imposter and not suffering from depression. Depression takes many forms and some people deal with it with wit I think.

    I don't find any of what you write disrepectful of my condition at all personally speaking.



  • Dont know whats possible have to talk to the HealthUnlocked Gods and get back to you. Thanks for the ideas :-) X

  • Gemma I have to address the imposter question as it has been on my mind. I maybe an imposter Im not sure, today I had the best day I have had in months and it isn't even over yet! I get to go dancing tonight, Im so happy and so grateful I'm bursting, now whether that will be the case next week I cant say. However right now Im the most relaxed Ive been in ages and I am sooooo grateful.

    I really hope you are feeling a bit better and thinking if that dippy Caroline can do it, I can do it :-)!

    My sister said she learnt to drive after some blond air head bimbo in the office passed her driving test first time. Maybe Gemma I am that bimbo :-) for you (although Im not blond far from it by the way :-)


  • Deviating delights?

    Digression pirates?

    Hotel California?

    Happy hour?

  • Hotel California....thats so funny made me laugh out loud :-)

    Are you the receptionist Monib can we have a uniform? I will of course be the happless porter, who cant see with poor hearing and bad knees :-)

    Second only to Happy Hour were we promote 2 non sensical posts for the price of 1 as a Sale is on! Hoorah.

    I shall await more suggestions and then we can choose the favourite.

    Thanks for your suggestions Monib :-)


  • I like all the names so far. How about Fun Palace

    But I do like Happy Hour except it might be shorter or longer. But as

    Gemma said could you not just post it Under Humour.

    I'm with Silke here, sometimes at the moment I'm too tired

    To write something sparkling or witty. I'm in a quiet phase now.lol

    Well Picasso has his Blue Phase so Hannah.can have A quiet phase.

    Caroline your energy and with is amazing. We can all do with a

    Laugh sometimes.

    Hannah xx

  • Fun Palace sounds a bit saucy...oooh err missus :-)

    Happy Hour seems to be the ticket, Ill talk with the Gods.



  • It has to be happy hour.

    Today in group therapy, 7 of us sitting orderly in a semi-circle waiting for the therapist when a random out-patient sticks her head in looking for reception. We all blankly looked at her and then had the giggles minutes later still and therapist didn't know what to do with us. This carried on for most of the 1.5 hours and then each of us had to read aloud a piece of text and nobody was able to read without bursting into laughter.

    So I think.... There is nothing wrong with a giggle as long as nobody feels offended - which doesn't seem to be the case - and if I for example have a very low day and can't chip in, then that's fine, right? x

  • Thats Great! So pleased you had a laugh even better when its infectious and you cant stop. The other day I went to laughter yoga ...it was a hoot :-) XX

  • Hoot?? Have to translate it

    Nobody takes me seriously there because of my English. I was prompted to give feedback to another patient and said "can I be rough on you" instead of "tough" and they were all rolling on the floor except the poor guy.

    Laughter yoga, are you pulling my leg or does that exist? It would probably work better for me than spiritual healing.

    I just ordered Chinese takeaway x

  • Ooh yummy Chinese.

    A) Im corrupting your English Language with, slang, old phrases and old words no one uses :-)

    Hoot... I think its actually an American word....Hoot means a laugh, maybe one day someone thought that an owl hooting sounded like laughter?


    (a hoot) INFORMAL An amusing situation or person:

    'your mum’s a real hoot'

    A short outburst of laughter:

    'the audience broke into hoots of laughter'


    Laughter Yoga is real, it was created by a Doctor trying to treat patiences high blood pressure.


    As for your English Im sure you have a fab accent and theres nothing better than when someone gets something wrong in another language its charming and funny at the same time.

    Now dont watch the laughing video while you're eating... I dont want you to choke!