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Thought I ought to let my friends know that after much thought I had to take the dog back to the rescue home. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I just felt it wasnt meant to be. I will keep looking for the right dog. Maybe a smaller and older dog. I felt it was best for the dog too as it needed a more energetic owner with time and patience. Thats not me! Hope everyone understands my decision. This is mostly due to my health problems. This dog was lovely but my anxiety got much worse last week. Sorry

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  • Really sorry to hear about that - it's a really difficult decision to make and I'm sure you have made the right one. I hope you manage to find the right pet soon.

    The closes my father ever got to pets - okay so we had a series of cats but he was never really that comfortable with them - was a preying mantis that lived in his barracks when he was doing national service in Malta.

  • Hi Golfer

    Oh that must have been hard for you but of course I understand, you did the right thing. It would not have been kind to the dog to have kept it when it needed too much for you. Don't apologise, it takes time to learn about what we can manage and a lively dog is hard to cope with.

    Do look for an older dog if you enjoyed having a dog in a general sense, it will be nice company for walking. If you are unsure about having another dog an alternative might be thinking of joining the Ramblers as then you would have a structure to the week and company, just a thought.


  • David,

    Of course we understand. It was the right thing to do if you felt that you couldn't cope with a big energetic dog. It is huge commitment and it has to be right. Smaller dogs are easier to cope with but often have a lot of energy in particular terriers. Take it from me. Labradors whilst large dogs are very laid back especially as they get older. Just a thought.

    Take care and good luck in the search,

    Sarah xx

  • Thanks for the comments, glad you understand. I think we will need a few weeks at least to get back into the new term routine.

  • Ah David I'm sorry About your dog and you. Of course I understand your reasons, and as Sue said you did the right thing. Give yourself a few weeks

    and don't rush In to anything.

    Maybe an older less lively dog might do, and maybe you would find ny

    Dog stressful, as if we are stressed And anxious another pet vying for our attention and energy can be too much.

    The main thing is to get yourself right and back to an even keel.


    Hannah xx

  • Ah David this set back must have been hard, but don't worry we totally

    All understand, and you can relax now.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah. It has been a tough few days. I had a rough time Friday night when I told my family how I felt but It has helped me feel better now.

    Im just chilling out now my family.

    David x

  • Ah David all I can say is there is absolutely no need to apologise. You behaved in a responsible and caring way and you will find the right things for yourself over time. Bless you David, you are in my thoughts X (Sorry David looks like I posted this as you were writing out your thank you message but I will leave it on anyway; yes the summer is coming to an end now and a new routine shortly. I like routine so am looking forward to a more predictable structure for myself in a way but at the same time I am also trying to be more flexible over things and spontaneous) Take care , Gemmalouise x

  • Oh dear so sorry to hear that David. You have been very responsible looking to the welfare of the dog and taking it back when you realised it needed more than you can give.

    Do a bit of research on line so you have a better idea of the type of dog you could cope with. You don't necessarily need an older dog, around 3 years old would be fine. West Highland terriers are small dogs and don't need a huge amount of walking or how about a retired greyhound? They are always looking for new homes for them and they only require around 20 minutes of exercise a day. They are supposed to be very loving nice dogs as well. Or a yorkie. Labs don't need huge amounts of exercise either and they are very loving dogs - but maybe a bit big. Good luck xx

  • I think you've done the right thing in taking the dog back. It must have been very difficult for you, and I feel for you. Don't dismiss trying another dog as they are great companions. Not all small dogs are suitable though, so you'll have to do your research on types that are low maintenance. I adopted a Shih Tzu cross from the Dogs Trust a number of years ago, and he's my rock when life takes a nose dive, and playmate when life is on the up.

  • Hello you!

    I can imagine how difficult that decision must have been, especially for someone as caring and thoughtful as you are. But to keep a dog that was too difficult for you wouldn't have been kind to you or the dog. The rescue home will have appreciated your honesty and common sense.

    You did the right thing and the right dog will be there somewhere x

  • Don't feel bad about taking the dog back you did the best for you and the dog if you feel like getting another do as it helps me a lot he's my best friend not matter how you feel the dog will always be your friend . When I saw the headline sorry my heart sank abit

    Take care :)

  • Thanks everybody. Your comments have been a great help to me today!

  • Hello David

    I'm sad for you but you did the right thing for you & dog. Maybe a cat?

    Hope you'll feel a little better soon and don't worry they'll find a nice new home for her.


  • Hi david,

    I think maybe I agree with coughalot on this one west highland whites are a very loving and easy to care for dog ,they dont molt and are real characters. Greyhounds are incredibly laid back and tend to hog the fireside..

    My staffie is still quite a handful even at sixteen yrs old , but he sleeps most of the day and just has a mad un for about an hour in the evening s.

    Take you time. To make a good choice ,or even get a cat !.

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