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Back home and feel sad and weird :/

So I'm finally back home from london for the Easter hols to see my mum and my cats. Since I got up this morning I just feel weird and a bit anxious and tearful :s I've not been upset about splitting up with my boyfriend since we spoke on the phone last Sunday so thought I was getting over it. I've had to come upstairs on my own to watch frasier, I watch it all the time in London it's become a kind of security blanket I think. I felt quite positive in the week that I'd be okay without my ex and that. I just don't get why I feel like this, I always think coming home will make me feel better but it never does, and yet in London am on my own alot so it can be really lonely :( don't no what's wrong with me :( x

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I should think the break up is still affecting you and when we are taken out of our routine and safe place , that's also anxiety making. Depression seems to take away any enjoyment from our lives which is so very sad and we are the only ones who can do anything about it. Try and talk to your Mum, enjoy being with her, snuggle up with the cats and try and take one step at a time. Good luck and all the best. xx


I don't know if it's linked to depression, or whether everyone in this forum is hovering somewhere under the autistic spectrum, but I see a theme that connects so many posts. It's that of anxiety caused by changes of routine. Driving home yesterday, knowing I had two weeks of nothingness, made me feel so upset. I know what you mean about the TV programmes. I had PND after the birth of child and everyday I sat in he house and watched the same programme. It made me feel secure for some reason. I'm home for the Easter hols too, so we can cat lots x


HI Lush I can empathise with you. I am sure your still upset about the break up. Doing something out of ordinary probably reminds you of fact that you have broken up. Its hard but it will get better as time goes on. You will get stronger like a plant that bends in the storm rather than breaks. Break ups are difficult and Depression compounds it. But on a positive note your hanging in here and you were able to write a post, so please try and have a nice weekend, and treat yourself as you would a best friend.

Kind regards and a big hug.Remember you are loved.



Hi Lush

I think there is nothing wrong with you except that you are having problems dealing with difficult feelings. It's natural that you feel lonely in London but also natural that after the split with your boyfriend you will be struggling with difficult feelings wherever you are. I guess when you go home you kind of expect that will somehow make you feel better, but families don't always understand and can't meet all our needs. Hopefully once you get back to London and into your studies again you will cope better again. When you are lonely in London I wonder whether there is any way of dealing with that, whether you can maybe find somewhere to meet people and potentially make a supportive friend? Maybe we can think more about that on the website, whether there is anything you like to do that can link you to other people in that way?

Take care - oh and I've put photos of our cats on two blogs for you.



Hi Sue,

Well when i go back to london i will only have a month left then i will be moving back home!

I long for my life before i met my ex boyfriend, i worked and went to the gym, went the sunbeds, cook healthy meals for myself, seen my friends, used to go out every week but i got a bit fed up of that and actually enjoyed staying in at the weekend just with my mum etc. felt like i didnt have enough time in the week!

i just want to be settling down soon and having a family life like all my friends, they have a house with their boyfriends, getting married or have a kid and they have been with them for years.

its not fair :( xxx


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