Too the Lighthouse....yes Im still going on about that

Look I tried to read it...truly awful (why dont 'truely 'and' aweful' have 'e's in them...tsk!), I tried to listen to the Omnibus on Radio 4 extra on Sunday night and could only stand to listen to about two thirds! It's like Henry Miller on Heron! I caaaant bare it.

Partially I blame you Monib because you have both read it, understood it and like it!

It makes me feel like poking myself in the eye! What does this have to do with depression you cry, well I mean it could have pushed me over the edge! If I hadn't watched my favourite series of Father Ted with Bishop Brennan and the rabbits (second only to the one where Jack gets new glasses, followed by the 3 stages of Elvis), straight after listening to ..too the lighthouse...I might now be in the funny farm in a white jacket! Ah you cry but you should have been committed weeks ago!...grrr.

So Monib a) Why? and b) are you willing to take full responisibilty for Virginia Wolf! Only answer if you're okay and not if your down, if your down don't answer anything and watch Father Ted :-)

c) Anyone else prepared to defend Virginia Wolf before I put her in room 101!...grrrr

I just don't get it, thats what Im saying a pointless stream of consciousness....Oh no, don't you point at me, I don't get paid for my stream of



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29 Replies

  • ha ha I put Heron I mean Heroin of course...Henry Miller on Heron Im starting to sound like him!

  • He was something else Henry. Caroline we better keep our literary

    Leanings to ourselves. We should start our own little " Women's Room Soirée Group.

    If we keep this up we will be chucked out for being you know .

    Hannah x

  • That play out the Janitor I mean come on I saw that in Actually I hate to say it but it was quite good. But dont but me down for Henry Miller.....oh no... Arthur Miller his long lost cousin 3rd removed definitely his stuff.

    I'd love to start an afternoon tea forum for books what I have read, but I have no idea how? Right now Im reading about Terry Thomas :-) what do you mean " Hard Cheese"

    We might get chucked out for what ....being one step on from Peter and Jane. Do people who get depressed only read comics! Surely not!

    Okay, Okay I'll tone it down. I shall only speak of things emotional, not bookish but I may quote a book here and there :-) What, What dont look at me like that....ha ha


  • I'm going to have to confess that I haven't read it - it is on my TBR list, but I have many, many books that I want to read first.

    I do always think of Tove Jansson like Woolf-lite - her 'Summer Book' and 'Winter Book' are full of observances and thoughts that are somewhat similar to the first few pages of To The Lighthouse (all I have read of it).

  • Goodness CarmelaGrace Ive never heard of Tove Jansson, I'll have to look her up!

    So what or whom comes before too the lighthouse Carmela, name a couple and lets put ole Ginny to bed!


  • ahaha, I have Hugh Miller's 'My Schools and Schoolmasters' to finish reading, also the before-mentioned 'Summer Book', And on my kindle I am reading Gawin Douglas's Eneados, which is ...challenging... to say the least (but no less excellent for that!)

  • Carmela I cant bare it I aint never heard of any of those authors or dare books!...grrr Am I going to have to go back to school...again....nooo. I bet they are new writers, thats it isnt it I mean post 1975 :-) . I mean what is an Eneados? I'll check it out. If I get a bit smarter CarmelaGrace it will be your fault!

    Now where did I put that

    Big Kiss XX

  • ....Hugh Miller is 1852, Tove Jansson is 1972, and Gawin Douglas is............1513!!! :D

  • Ah yeah but what I meant was I only know writers between 1920-1975....Tove obviously slipped the net. 1513, 1852, heavens Carmela , Im not sure they had paper before 1910 and the invention of Rymans and Paperchase!?!

    Actually when was ole Shakespear writing? 1590's apparently umm its increasingly starting to look like I may have to go back to school Carmela....drat and double drat :-)


  • Here is a short excerpt from the Douglas:

    'kepand na Sudron bot our awyn langage/and spekis as I lernyt quen I was page./Nor yit sa cleyn all Sudron I refus/bot sum word I pronunce as nyghtbouris doys'

    that is to say - 'Keeping no Southern speech, but in our own language, and speaking as I learnt when I was a young page. Nor yet so wholly all Southern speech do I refuse, but some words I pronounce as our neighbours do'

    It's fascinating!

  • Wow :)

    It looks fascinating but I don't think I'd make it through the whole

  • it helps if you read it out loud. and if you already have some familiarity with Scots language.

    It is pretty hard-going though, but feels so good when you suddenly understand a sentence, and it's about something like....frost on the trees in winter..... and it feels as if the 500+ years since the book was written aren't so long after all. :)

  • I can imagine. I was quite impressed that I'd got the gist of it before I got to your translation. I think it's great that you're reading these

  • Lizard. How you doing. ?

    Hannah x

  • Camerla I was raised in the North, thats my home Not quite but near as dammit to Yorkshire and Actually maybe thats a bit more Scottish and so I refer you to the self same quote made by Rab C Nesbit in Episode 1 of Im OffSki, where he stops a London business man and ask the way. The business man says I can't understand what you're saying and Rab says....

    Do you watch Neighbours


    And do you understand that

    Of course

    Well thats a funny thing init, thats a funny thing, because I will tell you that is Australian by the way. That comes from half way around the other side of the world you know. And I come from just 5 minutes up the road in Glasga. So if you can understand that you can understand me.... In future clean your bloody ears out

    run it from 6.36 minutes in....hillarious!

    I think its the same quote :-)

    Thanks for sharing Carmela X

  • Carmela yes a bit like Chaucer. Really interesting .

    Hannah x

  • Hi Caroline I liked Virginia , yeah she had her weak points for sure. Ah what a sad

    End " To the water" . So yes I'm on her side.... Well kinda.

    How are you?


  • I read one - Mrs Dalloway for A level and hated it! The way it went into flashbacks etc... I read it again years later and it wasn't soooo bad, but wouldn't read another! I tried to the lighthouse on 4extra on sunday, but gave up.

  • You see Hamble you understand meeee. I mean look my poetry doesnt always have to rhyme and I dont only read picture books (but they are good). But come on the ramblings of some woman whom I presume doesn't even make it to the bloomin lighthouse! Well I dont know the end. I want the money, I havent paid back! Well done for reading Mrs Dalloway lets hope at least she made it to the blessed lighthouse and home in time for tea! Phew


  • Hannah in a way I'm somewhat relieved because I believe in a case like this I can use the 3 strike rule, so, you have read it, Monib, just one more....three strikes and she's (Ginny Wolfe) is out, I dont have to read her Me make up my own rules....never ....(always:-)

    Brimming with Hannah...Brrrimmming with love , youre all so kind and patient with me XX

  • Hi Caroline

    Reading on here is sometimes like a Best selling novel you cant put down!! You laugh, you cry you feel you really know the characters perrsonally!! We should all be receiving royalties J

    I’ll let you into a little secret. I could barely read or write when I was at school, later in life I was given some tests and told that I was very dyslexic. And that’s the trick J even now I think something says one thing when it actually says something else! Maybe, just maybe that’s why I like Virginia wolf novels, what my eyes are looking at and my mind receives are not always the same thing J

    I think I first got into reading VW books after reading ‘A close Conspiracy’ by Jane

    Dunn, Virginia & Viennese’s biography, their lives fascinated me, at a time when I was also taking the family out a lot to visit historical places which included Monks House in Sussex.

    Because I didn’t grow up with books I filled my house with them, read every book I could find with the children and adored every one of them. I think I now want to fill my house with children so I can keep reading children’s books!! I occasionally take in foreign language students, I keep asking them if they would like me to read them a bedtime story, but all I get is funny looks J

    It felt like I then moved into our local library when I was younger! Having discovered I could read, I didn’t want to stop. I was determined to read all the popular classics. I had a copy of James Joyce’ Ulysses, I could not read this, it took me ten years to finally actually manage it, and I think that was only because I had started it so many times I finally started to get into the characters! But maybe I would make a odd book critic if what I think I read isn’t actually what was written J

    I do have my favourites now, namely Tolkien, I think I have read lord of the rings 15 times now! Could be that I seem to forget so many little bits that make it such fun to keep re-reading (so lack of memory helps) J Ray Bradbury and Aldious Huxley are also firm favs. And a few obscure books I have found along the way.

    And sometime I am in the mood for chick-lit novels and love them. Fay got me back to that at the weekend and I read Cecelia Aherns – How to fall in love, maybe I should have first read the synopsis? As I didn’t know what I was actually reading about until I started, and it may not have been on my list for reading just yet! But it was a lovely read, it had me crying and laughing and although of cause it was very predictable, it was still a good read and nice to get pulled into a story and forget the rest of the world for a bit.

    I best stop! I am going on a bit again as per usual J perhaps we should all write what our top five books are and why, I often find it’s the reviews that will lead me to reading something. We could put them in order that of type rather than just top 5, 1. a classic,2. an autobiography, 3.a self help, 4.something funny? Oh wait that’s only 4? Ok and then just any old thing, or a cook book!

    So pleeese, not more strikes, I should get an extra reprieve becasue of the dyslexia??

    Happy reading xxxx

  • Arghhh I hate reading books with colloqual language written down. It's the only thing which is guaranteed to make me close the book and chuck it at the cat :d x

  • Ah Cough Poor Breezy . Lol

    We are mad the things we talk about here, it's great. Better than doom

    And gloom

    Hannah x

  • It's all right Hannah - I am a lousy aim anyway :d xx

  • of course now I have a vision of your cat creeping round the house removing any books, through the cat flap, which she suspects may have colloqual language in....just in case!!! Clever cat :-)

    Night Night Cough

    Night Night All...and Sweet Dreams XX

  • :D


  • :) Caroline. Good morning :d xx

  • Good night all.

    Hannah x

  • Funny cough I got a file of books outside my door, the top one was Chaucer! kidding