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Guys, I am so in hurry

Einstein was depressive as well and he was brilliant scientist. many writers were depressive as well and they were brilliant, likewise. if you suffer and you have a lots of creativity that cannot wait to burst, all that you need is to embed that energy in a certain canal(you should try to figure out what that canal should look like) and to let it flow.

I my case I connected science(especially quantum physics), spiritualism and philosophy into a path that led me out of depression.

i lost my father 20 years ago and I was terrified. Why? Was I afraid that I might remain alone and lonely in this world? Yes, probably I was. At the same time I did not have a girlfriend of a wife to stick to me, to give me a comfort, to share my sorrow. I felt down in dumps! We all need someone to lean on, someone of our kind, but unfortunately, in this civilized world we become more and more lonely! Do you want to know why? Do you want to know why we incline towards taking care of a lapdog or even many lapdogs and when some of them dies we cry like mad? Are you aware that we have lost our inborn sense that living together with someone means inclination to give and not to take? Do you know that statistics show that people are least depressed(implication happy) around Christmas when they offer presents to their beloved? Have you ever listened to "give it away" Red Hot Chilli peppers ? Do you know that we have replaced sympathy with empathy?

guys, thanks for reading this stuff

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George, do you believe reincarnation is part of Reality? Do you follow any particular religion? You don't have to answer.


ofcourse I will answer .......(sorry I do not like nick darkshadow). Reincarnation is a very deep and time-consuming concept.This is why i would not debate a lot around it. I do not follow religion, unless you think Buddhism is a religion. On the contrary, i create thoughts(my own) as i have the liberty to do so. i dig deeply into my soul, i combine different disciplines in order to get close to the truth. You all deserve answer from me, known and unknown, black and white....just as much as i deserve answer from you all. We are individuals, but we share the mutual energy. We should share it , exchange it, so that shake it, otherwise it will remain sluggish(is spelling OK:))

Ok, have a good night, and am sorry for all of you who lost your families, as i mentioned before I partially share your destiny.

Please, don't feel depressed


People can also get very depressed round Christmas too especially when you are like me without a family or friends to share it with. There are unfortunately many like me. Christmas is a family time and is great when you have a family to share it with but when you haven't it's a whole different ball game.

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Very very can be the worst time of the year for some



How can we help ??.



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