Finally disclosed abuse. ..cousin treating me badly

I told my father about abuse I suffered 14 years ago by my aunts husband this week the police paid him a vist an ita now out in the open. You can imagine how my aunt reacted denial, smashing things up breaking down. My cousin however., their daughter is atandingby her father and doea not believe ne at all. My aunt I think ia still unusre. My cousin has contacted me to say she believeit all to be vindictove lies that her dad wouldnt do thay etc....

Feeling very down at moment. Still not started my meds not aure why keep putting them off but they just ait in my bag. No longer seeing my counsellor as he left and I dont like the new and only counsellor. My family dont no what to say to me

Lost is how im feeling. And tired. Tired of being tired


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6 Replies

  • You did what is the right thing for you. I was also abused many years ago and have only ever told a counsellor. Try and take your meds, they will help you with your depression.This has opened up a can of worms so no wonder you are feeling lost and hurt. Hope that things improve and take those meds. All the best. xx

  • Well done in coming this far. It couldn't have been easy telling about the abuse you suffered, think about yourself, you have worked hard to come this far..

    Lots of love sue xxx

  • Miserables , Well done for speaking out and bringing this in to the open! You are a very very Brave person ! you are bound to get those whose misguided loyalty will dismiss your allegations, dont worry as there will be more who Do BELIEVE you!! you will be surprised at the amount of abuse that is out there in reality! many men will not /can not come forward due to the stigma"It only happens to women" I know from experience that happens ! I suffer what I am being told is "Post traumatic stress Disorder" and this is all due to childhood happenings,Which I have apparently tried to block hence my having a nervous breakdown! My life is screwed up I still dont know if I have depression because sometimes I feel really chearfull other times very sad! but due to coming here I realise my life is not as bad as it seems sometimes ! keep coming and putting your thoughts/fears in black and white and honestly they become easier to cope with! there is loads of help here!

  • Only care about those that care about you!!!

    Well done,,, for finally speaking what been hurting you all these years. Its a very hard thing, to do. It took my sister 20 years.

    Dont expect people to take sides,, they have thier loyalties, and anger, and allsorts of emotions, you needto find a counsellor to help you come out of this,,, and to support you, personcentred, who specailises in sexual abuse.. or look online for support.

    Im qualified, but Im in the oxford area. Can give you support and what to read to help you,, understand why people do, this.

    It wasnt your fault!!!! it was his sickness, who put it onto you!! remember that.

    were all hear for you. Linda

  • well done for having the courage to speak out about it. It cannot have been easy and well done to your father for acting on it.

    You have done the right thing. It's not your problem how other people react.

    It is you that is important in all this. his family are not your responsiblity.

    you need to see a counsellor if possible, maybe ask your gp to suggest one.

    please try your new med's and give them chance to help.

    you are not lone, we re here to help, understand, help and support.



  • Well done for having the courage to speak out. Not everyone will believe you but you know what happened and can hold onto that. I agree with other people's suggestions that you need support, perhaps from an organisation for survivors of abuse - you can google abuse and your home town perhaps to find a counsellor. Suexx

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