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Being ignored while you're suffering is such a crushing feeling. I scream and I scream for people to help me but no one seems to listen. I'm stuck in a crowd full of people, begging for someone to notice how much I'm being tortured by my own mind and they all walk past like I'm just a ghost. It's like I'm mute. Like they've taken a remote control and turned me down so they can go on. I just want someone to see me. Someone to listen. Someone to help me because I've tried for so many years to help myself breathe and nothing ever works. Nothing gets better. I'm drowning in front of their eyes but they don't seem to care. They don't notice. Can't they hear me pleading? Screaming for someone to make it stop?

Why aren't they listening to me?

Why is no one


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Hello Addison

Thank you for your message. You seem to be in a very difficult place. We are here and we are listening.

You need to see your doctor and tell them how it is for you. It might help to talk with someone . Do you have a friend ,a support worker or a family member you can share this with?

You have made a positive move just to tell us know how you feel. Perhaps you could explain more about your situation to us.

Our members are very supportive so may have experience they can share.

Some of our members are struggling with similar issues so could feel distressed with some of your message, so I have put a Trigger Warning on your message.

The topics and pinned posts may have information that could help. There are crisis helplines and websites listed.

If you need to you can contact

NHS 111 if non urgent and 999 if urgent.

The Samaritans have a 24 hr freephone 116123

Mind charity may have more information for you


Do take care and let us know how you are

Best wishes

Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. You really need to see a doctor and get some medical help. Meds and or counselling might really help you to start feeling a bit better.

It's never any good expecting others to notice as they are all tied up in their own lives, and I wonder how many of them are also screaming silently for help while no one else knows or seems to care? People aren't mind readers and you need to ask for help. x

Your response was exactly what I was thinking so of course I think it's a good answer. Some of us are better at hiding the pain, but no one goes without . Pam

It is imperative if not already, you talk to your GP. To help Him listen make a list of what is making you feel so frantic. If He knows your story He an then relate to your problems and get some health and support.

If you need immediate help use the telephones given above from MAS, Nurse tel 111 the Information for help, they will assess and can arrange some help for you.

However if you prefer, how can we help ?.


You say no one is listening to you...who are your referring to? Is it your parents, your partner, friends, family? Are you expressing how you are feeling to them or waiting for them to notice you are sinking into a black hole of your own making? Are you acting out and expecting them to see this as a plea for help? Sometimes you just have to be straight forward and tell them that you need help.

I am here to listen. We are here to listen. Please share if you feel comfortable what is going on. If you want to pm I'm here to listen as well. I wish you the best.

Hi there Addisonn,

It sounds like you’re going through a super difficult time right now, and there was a time in my life where I was where you are now, and it was truly hell.

Well done for reaching out to us here. It was the right thing to do, and it was brave of you, even if you feel like it wasn’t.

People are tied up in their own lives. Perhaps they are too screaming for help. Perhaps they have unpaid bills, a recent divorce. But even so, they aren’t mind-readers. Sometimes they won’t know unless you tell them.

I know it might seem terrifying, but it sounds like you really do need to. But once you do, people will start listening. You’ll have support, glorious support in your life. People to be there when you’re feeling particularly down, people to take care of you, and listen. Doesn’t that sound great?

Is there someone you could speak to? A friend, relative, support worker, GP? As an online forum, we really can’t do much for you but speak to you, but people in your life can do so much.

MAS_Nurse has been ever so helpful, as always, so if you need to, you can contact the telephone numbers that they’ve listed.

The very best wishes,


Maybe people do care, but you're in too much emotional pain to notice how much your illness(es) is/are affecting them.

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