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When I was 15 I used to read Woman’s weekly magazines to learn how to read properly (never managed at school as they thought I had learning difficulties because i had never read anything, so found it very difficult). Anyway, I came across this poem and although I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, nevertheless I cannot seem ever forget this darn poem,

for some reason I have always found it comforting, I thought someone else might like it too?

Alone yet never quite alone, I face an empty chair

Yet somewhere in the silence I imagine you are there

My good companion of the past, no longer here with me

And yet in some mysterious way you keep me company

Thought or spirit, does it matter

Words are meaningless

I only know that in my times of greatest loneliness

I feel that you are somewhere near, though nothings seen nor said

The bitter moment passes, I face that lonely chair

And somewhere in the silence I imagine you are there

Maybe that’s the way god works in answer to a prayer

So I’ll face the years that lay ahead,

Alone yet not alone.


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That is so beautiful....xxx

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thank you, it's nice to share these little things x

What a beautiful poem and yes I can see how comforting it is. I have copied and pasted it to keep; so thank you so much for this. gemmalouise :) Xx

that is lovely, thank you for sharing it, I found it very uplifting :)


That is lovely Monib thank you. It took me right back to my schooldays where I was considered not very bright (not learning difficulties though) and I got into supporting Manchester United. I learnt a long poem about the Munich air disaster in less than 10 minutes. I can still quote it in full today. I realised then that I was bright enough when motivated and not thick! :) x

It's lovely that you remember a poem in such detail - I never could do that! Thank you for sharing it with us all, it's a good poem, alone yet not alone. I guess it relates to something spiritual and yet not necessarily about any formal religion. I think of it for me as being about the feeling of having been cared about in the past and having within me a sense that someone cares about me. I relate that at times to a specific person who supported me when I needed it most (he was paid to do so but did in with humanity and compassion but strength) but at other times think about the people who care about me now, like my daughter, or one or other of my close friends. When I lose that sense of being cared about or having been cared about in the past, that's when I become depressed, and sometimes too depressed to even turn to the website for support. So the poem is a good reminder for me - we have ALL been cared about at some point in our lives, someone has kept us alive, and they can be with us still, in our thoughts. x

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Ah Sue, what a perfect response, it’s easy to see why people can relate to your replies.

It really doesn’t have to have any religious connotations, personally I am an atheist through and through, but never thought the words ‘God’ and ‘prayers’ had to be taken literally.

As I remember it from over 45yrs ago I can easily think of certain people I have loved over the years when I recall it.

When I first came across it though I remember at 15 I felt very mature in age as I had to be both mentally and physically independent at that time, just starting work and supporting myself.

Depression and self harm had been around for a while, so as you do, you have to learn how to cope. So when I first read this I think that the ‘someone in the silence’ was also myself. We all have our inner voices, sometimes they can be negative and sometimes we want to nurture ourselves back to well being. So that’s also sometimes the way I look at it, desperately wanting a way out, but also knowing that somewhere in the silence I can nurture the person I have become, as well as relating it to certain accomplishments, after all that same inner person with determination can accompany us to doing so much.

Yes we do all need help and support form the outside, but never forgetting that we also need it from the inside x.

What a lovely thing to write Sue. I can completely relate to the way you expressed it, so thank you. I can now feel that care within me; it has come from a variety of sources but I know it is there now.

Gemma X

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem x

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