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A short poem

Another night of little sleep, but instead of just lying there staring at the ceiling I wrote a poem.

I cannot sleep.

There is a large black dog at the foot of my bed, and every time I shut my eyes

it howls.

I feed it.

A diet of pain, razor blades and orange ribbon. But he is never sated, wanting more.

and still it howls.

I walk it.

To exorcise it in the watery November sun. But he drags me back to dark shadows.

And still it howls

I visit the vet.

To kill it with a pill, and pour alcohol on the wounds. But he is without a panacea, no cure.

And still it howls

I drown it.

Tied in a sack of distraction: thrown in a river of music and TV. But the river soon runs dry.

And still it howls

I care for it.

Love and nurture it, so I can train it to be silent and howl no more. But he cannot be broken or subdued.

And still it howls

Please be kind with any comments, I do not claim to be a poet, but it filled an hour or two and thought I'd share

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i like it Jonnywombat :) I hope you sleep tonight x Dan


Could only have been written by someone who has 'been there'. Hope you find a way to pacify the 'black dog' soon. Ax


I wish I could put my 'thoughts' to creative uses. Hope you manage to switch off soon and get some sleep. I ended up on tamazepam for a few weeks and they did help me to relax at night. Although a couple of times I would still wake up a few hours later. In the meantime, keep writing!


Identify with this.Sleep deprivation is awful along with depression.I too write poems and feel your desperation.Here is one....

My brain is like a washing machine

And my body a thing I drag around,

I have little dignity ,no self respect

But how can I let everyone down?

I don't have the strength to carry on,

It is failing me can't you see ?

I cry out for help no one comes,

I am ignored.................

A thing fed,watered,drugged

Plunging slowly into the pit of despair,

And I don't care.


It's lovely to see you putting pen to paper creatively, well done both of you.



Both the poems are excellent. I do hope you can calm 'the black dog' soon, and have a better night tonight.


Thank you everyone that replied. I also posted it on my facebook page and got a really positive response.

I am not sure where the words came from, and not sure if there is another one inside me, but if one appears I will share it too


jonny wombat I also don't know where the words come from but I have a whole load of poems and thoughts that seem to come from somewhere deep inside my soul.And thanks Sue for your comment ,new to the site and finding it helpful to know I am not alone.


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