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Poem: Caged

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Wrote this poem a few weeks back.

There’s no denying

My life has been

Nothing but fighting.

I’m trapped in a

Caged pathway of destruction

Fear engulfs me

From every direction.

Looking back is too painful.

Facing forward is too scary.

Scared of the unknown.

Yet I have become the unknown

What I’ve seen

From all my yesterdays

Are they what I will see

In all my tomorrows?

Past repeating itself

With no end in sight.

I’m a stranger,

Even to myself.

Nothing running through me

But toxic and hatred.

Who have I even become?

Unworthy of being worthy.

Yet I need all the pain

To fade away

Will my heart beat

Instead of clank against

The walls and bars

Of my cage, which is

My prison.

Will the bars break?

Will the walls crumble

To just become dust

On the well trodden

Floor beneath my feet.

Having not

Come very far from

Where I’ve been stuck

Or will my horribleness

Thicken the walls and bars.

Those with what I’m fighting

To bring down

Only thicken and

Trap me further.

To weaken me more than

I am weakened already.

But weak I always was.

5 Replies

First of all you are not weak. You mention the past and the future but not the present. If you live in the past you live with regret, in the future with worry and anxiety. But if you live in the present you live with balance.

Mindfulness is useful for teaching you that so have a look at it online x

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Thank you hypercat54 I hadn’t seen it like that. Mentioning the past and the future but not the present. That’s hard as well. Also the regret/worry/anxiety. All I seem to have. I’ve never tried Mindfulness. Think I will look in the App Store and see if there are any apps as well as online x

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You are welcome. You cannot change the past, all you can do is see it as life lessons, learn from it and move on. There is nothing to be gained from living in the future either as that is unknown. By doing that you are too busy worrying about it to enjoy the present. The present is where we derive meaning and purpose to our lives. x



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Thank you Daz2310


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