Have faith and courage

I came to your site last night wondering why I was so down, so devastated by the holidays, even though, in my most difficult years, I had not felt this bad. I couldn't stop crying and absolutely hating myself for feeling this way. What I found here were so many people in pain, deep, dark pain that they could not shake. I read many entries and instead of finding myself there, I found I wanted to reach out to each person. I still do. I went to another site that finally rang true for me and I had an epiphany: I am in a very emotionally abusive relationship. I have been manipulated and bullied for 5 years, on and off. This holiday season, he hasn't stopped. That was the source of my pain. I will deal with that. But turning back to this site, I want all who are hurting to know: you are not alone. I cannot heal your ills, but I do understand how it feels, the hopelessness, the fear, the panic. I hear you. I care. I want you to be happy. I want you to be strong. My Christmas wish is for you to find peace, even if for just a moment. Whether you believe or not, I will pray for you. I'll get through my pain. I will stand strong again. I pray the same strength for you. Do not give up hope. If you have hit bottom, I offer my boney, old hand to help you up. You are loved.

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  • Hello WhiteAlice

    Welcome to Action on Depression and thank you for your kind words, we're very happy to have you join us.


  • How lovely. What a kind person. Don't ever exclude yourself on the basis that others have it worse.

    I hope you get help with your relationship.



  • Welcome WhiteAlice Bless u. I hope you get the courage yourself to leave your abusive relationship. You do not deserve to live like that

  • Thank you. So, I really love birds and I swear when things get really rough God shows me birds. As I was leaving work yesterday, the biggest vald eagle flew in & perched on a high power pole. That's a sign for me...to spread my wings and fly. The day before my yard was bustling with bird activity: cardinals, chickadees, crows, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and finally a hawk. Wings. All who suffer here, you will find your wings & soar...becase I don't want to fly alone.

  • Reading this I am covered in goosebumps

  • And some happy 😊 birds 🐦 to you also🐤🐧🐣🐥. I'm silly 😜 myself. It helps. And so does my little 🐶. Loveable terrier. Nesie 237

  • Hi, thanks.

  • Just remember..wings.

  • Hi WhiteAlice, I feel for you. Bad relationships are tough to even realize you're in, much less get yourself out of. I wish at least to reach my hand out to you in peace and friendship.

    I think holidays are tough for any of us prone to depression. And here we are! So we understand the pain part. I send 🤗 hugs to you from California. Nesie 237

  • Thank you. Your kind words are a lovely gift.

  • You are very welcome. Nesie 237

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