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New job


I started a new job about a month ago and I've tried to have a positive view on things but I feel like I just keep messing things up there and can't do anything right. Im trying my hardest but just keep doing things wrong. As a result of this my depressions getting worse again (its been ok as it can be recently) and ending up in hospital over the weekend due to a panic attack. Ive never had a panic attack before and its put me in even more of downward spiral as I feel this is sign things are getting worse. I'm trying not self harm but not cutting is driving me insane.

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Your health is mire importabt than a job. Without trying to sound nasty you can be replaced in your job but you cant be replaced :-) dont worry about doing things wrong it always seems worse to the person who made the mistake than it does to other people . Keep strong :-)



When we are depressed we become our own worse enemy, we feel that we are failing in our work environment and some people pick this up an run with it and begin to pick up on your errors and we then become uncertain and feel we are failing in our new position.

All I can suggest is that you do not make a rod for your own back and you will become your own worst enemy. and your negative feeling will become a self fulfilling situation.

You say you are making errors, we learn from these and to be honest you have not been there very long.

Give yourself a break take a deep breath and hopefully you will come out the other end as to worker.


Hi Jane, oh you poor love, starting a new job when you don't have Depression

Is stressful, but for us it's that bit harder.

I know from experience that it gets easier as you go, try and relax and get lots of

Sleep as you will be tired.

Share your worries too with others if you can, and remember you are probably

Much more critical of yourself l than others will be.

Don't be afraid to ask Questions, I was a staff trainer for a few years and

Always told my staff to ask lots of Questions.

Good luck

Hannah x

Jane00 in reply to Photogeek

Thank you, I'm trying to be a bit more confident and speak up if I need help with anything. My boyfriends been really supportive and been able to share my worries with him xx

Photogeek in reply to Jane00

Oh that's good, it's great that boyfriend is supportive.



Hi Jane it sounds like there is a lot to learn and remember at your new job. But you have only been there a month so give yourself more time. One trick I learnt was to write things down, not everything obviously, but just a few pointers. Also try not to panic - when you can't remember try a few deep breaths and calm yourself. Your brain won't work in panic mode. Before you realise it you will be flying. Well done for not self harming. Look after yourself x

Jane00 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the encouragement and advice, the last two days I've been writing a few notes on things at work to help me out and been a working well helping me to remember certain things

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Hey Jane,If the job is making you worse just call it a day,take care of yourself.I hid in toilets in my last few jobs,i knew every splinter in every tile can you believe it.I cant work with loud people in a busy environment,why do people have to shout? Take it easy okxxx

(Mittsies - I've edited as it's really not a good idea to put your personal details on the site. Anyone could read and it makes you very vulnerable. Will)

Hi Jane00

Well done for obtaining a new job, it's stressful for anyone. Give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have come by getting the application in, getting through the interview etc. I wanted to give you some reassurance that the job might seem stressful now because it's new, I remember how depressed my dad was when he started a new job a few years ago, but he pushed through and now he really enjoys it, he just needed to learn their ways and get his confidence up. I also, and I'm saying to try and make you feel better, not worse. I think this goes deeper than the job - I think it's the depression. I want to try and make you see that the difficulties you're having at work at probably no reflection on your abilities. I also want to show you that you can't accurately judge whether the job is right for you at this point with the combination of those 2 things.

Have you seen your GP and told them what is happening with regards to your confidence levels? Does your boss know about depression? Speak to your boss or even a friend there, if you haven't already and they might be able to give you some extra support - be it as a new person in their team (if you show them where you precisely feel you are making mistakes they might be able to advise you on altering your technique), or as someone struggling with depression or both. :)

If you still feel the same way in about a month - then consider your options.

I do know the anxiety attack you had must have been scary and possibly an inclination of how much a struggle everything has been recently, but they can't physically hurt you and they can be managed - although maybe you do feel as though you are unable to cope much longer, I just don't want you to do anything rash - speak to people who know you, your friends, your family before you make any kind of decision.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the encouragement, I managed to get hold of my mental health nurse and can ring her during my lunch hour instead of taking time off work to see her, speaking to her when I'm feeling down is helping a lot. Im trying to stay positive xx

No problem :) I'm glad you're able to speak to your mental health nurse over the phone now. xx

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