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I'm back after such a bad day, but I did manage to see a different doc from the practice!!


After such a bad day yesterday then a bad morning, I managed to get an emergency doctors app. I saw a different doctor at their other practice and he upped my anti depressants and painkillers. He has also sent me for some blood tests including a couple to see if I have Fibromyalgia. He said I had some of the symptoms which included not sleeping, aching muscles and joints, depression etc.

But what exactly is Fibromyalgia ???? Can anyone tell me????

I've got to go back in about two weeks to see him then he will let me know what is wrong with me and the treatment that he will prescribed for me. I found a doc that will listen to me, and tell me that I'm not going mad. :-) :-) :-)

PS I've still got my scoliosis and Emphysema

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I am sorry you have had a bad time recently! I am glad the medic has referred you for blood tests to see about fibromyalgia - which I also have.

Fibromyalgia is pain in certain key areas of the body and is the result of inflammation - the blood tests are to see whether you have the markers in your blood for inflammation but many people with fibromyalgia do not have those markers so do not assume that if your bloods do not show them you do not have fibromyalgia. It tends to be lined to a traumatic history and high levels of stress followed by a trigger incident such as a fall, accident or other bodily trauma and is thought to be connected to neurochemical changes that result from that combination. It is often accompanied by depression and sleep disturbances because of the changes. It is not curable and treated only by certain anti-depressants or painkillers, otherwise by lifestyle changes which can make the most positive changes. I prefer not to take meds for fibro because my experience has been that people seem to start off finding the meds helpful but then find they become habituated to them and need ever-increasing doses. Instead I prefer to learn how to manage the symptoms myself most of the time by adjusting my lifestyle and only take anti-inflammatories if the inflammation really flares up badly as meds like Ibruprofen causes stomach upsets for many people and does for me.

If you google - fibromylaiga - you will find lots of info and particularly look at the UK organisation as it is really helpful. There are support groups all over the country, the members are really friendly and will give you lots of tips for coping with symptoms. Do also have a look at the fibro community on Health Unlocked as they are also very supportive.

Do message me if you want any further info or have questions you would like to ask me.


maisiemoo14 in reply to Hidden

Hi Sue, could I have had it for a long time without knowing!

As twenty years ago when I was a cyclist, I had two major accidents. Always did damage to my ligaments and tendons, never broke any bones. In one accident, I got hit by a car and landed head first in a hedge, I was out cold for about twenty mins.

So that is when I started having problems with my neck and back. :-) :-)

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That sounds horrendous, but yes you could have had it - or at least it could have started a long time ago. Same for me, all sorts of injuries built up over time but relatively minor, then a nasty 7ft head first fall and from then on fibro and other joint problems recurrently. I have found that as long as my overall mood is reasonable the fibro symptoms are manageable whereas any stress and my depressed mood recurs then so do fibro symptoms - so the motto is take care of your emotional state and that will help the physical one. Have a look at Fibro uk and see the chart with pain points, then you can self diagnose and go armed with that if the blood tests come back negative. Also if YOU decide you have fibro it is worth writing a history of your physical complaints and traumatic events going right back and taking that to a specialist - your GP can refer you - then you can get a formal diagnosis and will always be taken seriously about the physical symptoms. x

Hey Maisie, there is a whole site dedicated to Fibromyalgia on Health Unlocked. It is called FibroAction. To find it just go to the "drop down" menu at the top of this HealthUnlocked page; under "communities" click on "find a community" and then search for FibroAction and sign up like you did for this one!

I am on the forum myself but don't go on often; I am not sure really if its fibro with me or "just" arthritis; I get terrible stiffness in my back and pain in my

back neck and shoulder. It would not be too bad if it was temporary but I've had it every day for more than ten years and sometimes i can literally barely move and it makes you so downhearted and depressed. I have to fight it all the time; exercise and stretching helps control it for me but everyone is different of course and mine may not be fibro. For example today I had to sit down in a meeting for an hour and a half and I can really feel the back is like a "wooden board" . Anyways if you check the site there is loads of info on it.

A blood test should tell it you've raised levels of inflammation and so on but the thing with fibro as I believe is that is doesn't always show in blood tests, though I could be wrong.

I'm pleased you found a doctor prepared to listen. Hope you manage to get your "evidence" for ESA sorted; well done for going this morning as I know how tough it is when you're not well. Gemma X

Thanks Gemma, I know what you mean about neck, back and shoulder pain.

I've taken my ligaments out of both shoulders twice, got a bone missing at the top of my neck and my back is bad, some days I cant move as my back has locked on me. I love the sun as it is heat treatment and the wet and cold weather I hate as that is when I really have problems.

The doc took 1 look at me and another look at my file , and it was like he knew something was up. So tonight, I will start my double strength anti depressants. He said I should start having a good nights sleep, I will let you know tomorrow if I do.

Anyhow, I feel a lot happier now something is getting done. :-) :-)

That's good something's getting done Maisie. Hope you sleep well. I keep trying but have a lot of problems sleeping and am almost permanently overtired. Maybe tonight will be the night when I get that sleep. Fingers crossed, and for you too. X

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