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Hi all, I'm back. My doc who I saw today believed me when I told him how bad my depression is!!!!!


I went to see my new doc and he is upping my tabs and sending me to see someone from the mental health team. He is also sending me to see someone at the pain clinic, testing my lung func:-) tion and upping my pain killers.

Finally, I saw a doc who listened to me.:-)

My reconsideration for ESA got turned down so I'm putting in an appeal, only this time I've my doc on board. He said I'm suffering severe depression cause by what was happening with the DWP and the fact they brought up the past when it I put down on the form about the abuse I had suffered.

So now I've got the doc fighting my corner with my advocate and welfare officer. So hopefully now the DWP will start listening to people with mental health problems and treat us better. :-) :-)

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This sounds very positive MaisieMoo, but isn't it ridiculous that the mental health team are having to treat us for the stress that the DWP causes (same thing happened to me; I was pretty suicidal for weeks and months after getting a 'review' form only 12 months after the original decision had been made following a 14 month gruelling appeal process.) It is all very draining.

I completely agree with your comments on the DWP. They are actually making many people much more ill; I put up a link about it a while back.

I'm glad you are getting the support you need though now, finally Maisie. Gemmalouise X

Hi Maisiemoo

That is fantastic news - good luck with appeal

I hope your care worker (not sure what their official title is and care worker does not seem right) is as fab as mine, it has taken me years to get referred and Mel has been a life saver for me.

At last your on the right path - hugs xx

Best of luck

Maisie that's all good. You must be feeling a bit better now, especially as

The Doctor is on Your side.

Hopefully every thing Else will fall into place.


great news Maisie, good luck with the appeal

hope all goes well and you finally get a little peace x

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