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I'm feelings very very down. I need help but can't get it!!!!?


My doc phoned today to tell me that he won't write me the letter that I need for my ESA reconsideration.

He reacons that I have Asthma and not Emphysema when my specialist at the hospital, after a lot of tests, diagnosed Emphysema and Bronchiectasis last year. Then he said that I was suffering Wear and Tear of the spine when I have 2 Curves in my spine and got diagnosed with scoliosis and have lost 3-4 ins in height.

Then to top it all, he said I was just unhappy when I've suffered depression for years after being brought up by alcoholic parents who abused me mentally as well as physically and then an abused ex husband who did the same. In the past I have tried to commit suicide countless times. I've also been in and out of counselling, some helped and some didn't.

At the moment I feel a fraud, faker and a complete waster. Where do I turn to??? I need urgent help but can't get it. Please can anyone help me, PLEASE!!!!!!

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Sorry to hear that. I am in Ireland so don't know UK system but I think if your

Dr. Won't write letter that could be a problem. Some of the other people here will

Probably give you more advice as they would know the benefits system in the UK.

I just wanted to let you know that I read your post Maisie.

Hannah x

HI masie.

Sorry to hear your plite.

What about a visit to your local citizens advice?.

It sounds strange that your doctor is going against the advice of the hospital doctors .!

But unfortunately that's all I can think of, not being used to the

System, I myself am on a steep learning curve !.

Sorry maisie.

Pete x

Oh my God Maisie, this is absolutely terrible! How terribly upsetting for you to get this sort of response. I hate this system and all it puts you through!

Having said this you have to fight your corner and think practically even though I know it is soul destroying and already so difficult when you feel so ill.

Your doctor will have the reports from the specialists in his/her notes and available on the screen . I don't know whether there has just been some miscommunication or whether your doctor just has too many demands placed on them ( no excuse really but they are under pressure) or if they are lazy, but IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH and is TERRIBLY DISTRESSING for you to have to got through this.

For one thing I would get down there and say you want a double appointment rather than just taking a call. Another thing if there is another doctor available why not try another one and see if they can do any better for you? What did you say when your doctor told you this? It is outrageous!

Contacting the specialists direct is an option if you have no joy from the doctor; but I know how very difficult it is to get hold of them or get them to respond. I have had experience of this myself and would definately say stick with the doctor first; but if you have any letters at home from the specialists photocopy them and take them in and even if you don't have letters write the names of the specialists, name of hospital and when you saw them and what they said and give a phone number as well so they can contact them direct. At least then if you give details they will know you are not making it up!

Don't give up Maisie. It is disgusting you have to go through this sort of thing on top of what you are already going through and I am so sorry to hear it but please do persist with your doctor and like I say if no joy there give as much information as possible to the benefits people. Note all the specialists you have seen and are going to see and when your next appointments are as well.

Hugs to you (((( Maisie)))))

Gemmalouise X

Thanks for your reply Gemmalouise, the one piece of information I did manage to give to the DWP for my ESA reconsideration was the results of my mental health assessment with Parabyl which I failed. The Max. For the 1st test was a score of 10 and I got 19 then the 2nd test, the Max. Was 18 and I got 28. They sent the results to my doc with a recommendation that I see someone from the Mental Health Team. The doc has the results as that is where I got my copy from. I feel so useless and helpless at the moment, I've got a cold coming on which means more antibiotics to clear my lungs.

Oh Maisie I am sorry you are poorly with a cold as well. I would follow up on the advice put on here though as they are good suggestions, particularly taking it up with the practice manager if you don't get good results from your own GP or another GP next time you enquire; I hadn't thought of that myself.

Thanks Gemmalouise, I've been thinking of changing my doc for a couple of months now but never got round to it.

I phoned NHS Wales today and they said that I need to write a letter to them and then I can change doc.

I've been on the internet to see which doc everyone is writing a good review about so I have a pretty good idea which doc to go with.

My younger daughter said she will come with me as she knows how bad I am with strangers as my eldest daughter is in Majorca.

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Antiobiotics don't work for a cold Maisie only for an infection. x

Can you bring the issue up formally with the practice manager, point him to all the relevant facts and see if you get results.


It is sad that medics have undermined your confidence by failing to understand your past and its relationship with how you are feeling now and it is particularly difficult for you as it is affecting your ESA.

You say the specialist diagnosed Emphysema so is it possible to go back to him and ask him for a letter stating that - you could point out to your GP what the specialist said and ask the GP to check whether they have a diagnostic letter on file - you will need to tell them roughly when you were diagnosed as otherwise they may say they can't find the letter.

Your abusive past has been difficult for you and having felt suicidal must have been really difficult as many people who write on the site will be able to appreciate, but your past mental health may not be grounds for relevant medical support for ESA. However the comment from the GP was insensitive to say the least - I think it would be worth while putting your response onto the Patient Opinion website and also writing to the GP practice manager to say how you feel about the GPs comment. Do not let yourself be intimidated by professionals - as long as you are polite you have a right to expect to be treated with respect, medics are there for your health and not the other way around.


Hi Maisie,

Surely your doctor does your repeat prescriptions? Your medication will show the degree of what is wrong with you in itself.

As for scoliosis or wear and tear...it doesn't matter which it is - to lose 3/4" in height means that you must be in pain and be on heavy duty painkillers surely.

No fancy names make any difference to the degree of suffering you're going through.

I totally agree with what's been said already...go and talk to your doctor, request copies of any specialist notes and if necessary change your doctor!


Hi Lorraine, I'm on so many different types. I'm on anti inflammatory, tabs for my vertigo, gord tabs, inhalers, mirtazapine, and Zapain. It was my daughter who noticed that she was taller than me, but I used to be taller than her.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and get some answers, if I don't get them then change of doc here I come. The doc Ive been seeing is pretty new (been there six months) he was brilliant at first but all of a sudden he has gone nasty and not very helpful at all. The nice doc has retired and the other are not very nice. They didn't even have my notes from my previous doc.

Good on you Gal, that's the spirit :)

Hopefully I won't bottle it, as that is how bad I am. Once things go bad, I've got a habit of giving up.

My ex husband use to blame me when things went wrong so now as an easy way out, I just give up. He use to tell me that it was my fault and give me a good beating.

So, wish me luck, :-)

Good luck Maisie :)

if they do not have your old notes yet, then they can not make a proper decision... ask the practice manager to chase them up as a matter of urgency

Good luck to you masie.


Hi maisie your doctor needs a good slapping. First change your doctors. Second get your consultant to write the letter for you instead. Your specialist knows better than your gp thats why he/she is a specialist. It makes me despair sometimes. Good luck with it. x

I don't have any additional advice as everything has been said already I think. However your doctor can't go against the specialist's diagnosis like that! Appalling. Can I be next in line to slap him? I really despair at some GPs. Can't even tell the difference between unhappy and depressed? Words fail me. As I said, nothing really to add but I wanted to show my support.

Good luck - I hope you get what is needed without too much more of a battle.


Hi I agree... Book a double appointment to see a different doctor. And ask for copies of any recent letters from consultant. Tell him its pushed you to feeling suicidal. Good luck

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