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why are so many mental health/educational staff not trained in autism


I am so sad to meet and hear other parents telling me about the failing from professionals who are not training in autism but have the power to place their children in unsuitable education placements or send them on to therapists who do not have any training in autism, I hear so often that the therapist has just made things worse and it has been so detrimental to their child and of no benefit for the child or parents. ( it a hurdle, get over it, she just needs to get used to it, pull yourself together, you are just shy.)Is there any further movement to have autism training across all professions as I believe some NHS hospital staff and some police forces do. It really needs to be brought in to schools senco a must for social workers and any other support frame for children and young people. At the moment these young ones are not being correctly supported. And in many cases being blamed for their behaviour. And for the professionals who are trained well done.

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Funding running out or grants the charity education provides is not enough or runs out - no finances or National Autistic Society pay for awareness into autism yourself!

My stepmom used to work at a adult school that had people with autism, down syndrome, ect. She loved it. I don't know if you have any of those schools in the UK but it's worth looking for one because those school teach mentally delayed children and have staff that actually want to be there

There are various education establishments that deal with Autistic children, your GP and Health Professionals should be able to point you in the right direction

indervir may have further information that may help.

One problem I understand stands out is Autism in teens and adults, the latter the need of a diagnosis may be problematic. It can be difficult to pick up on the problem as the person gets older.

Sad to say Mental Health conditions in the UK badly financed. There are several sights on the internet you could visit as shown, The NAS National Autistic Society may give you more information,


There is Autism specialised school such as Oaklands School and Sybil Eglar School and they have colleges - they are run by the help of National Autistic Society but obtaining additional charity grants is hard. They are still very good - the better one is Sybil Elgar School/College - excellent, in fact!

myautismteam- is good support network and people can tell you of their experiences

Its a broken healthcare system that needs overhauling,modernizing worldwide.Our system didnt have all these conditions,diseases,addictions and etc years n years ago ..docs dont get refresher courses n drugs r new everyday.

The ones that shouldnt suffer all this r children...heartbreaking

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