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Not another year ! :(

Not another year ! :(

I can't believe another year has gone. It is my birthday again and Christmas is round the corner. Yet another year has gone and I still am on my own, The Christmas ads are making me even more depressed as I will have yet another year spending Christmas alone. I'm going out today for lunch with my aunt and that's it for my birthday. Now everyone will start asking what am I doing for Christmas, apart from working Christmas eve and Christmas morning nothing! Everyone clears off to family. I have none. I have helped out at an oap's Christmas lunch but apparently they have enough helpers now.

I will be asked what are you doing for Christmas? and then what did you do for Christmas? I know I'm being a grump but I'm fed up that as I get older my life is getting harder/worse!

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Hello trachet

BOB here

Christmas is a rotten time of the year,I am married and even with my wife and Dog I feel very low at that time as my family has nothing to do with me.and Hazels family live a good distance away from us

In the past We would go abroad and spend it on some tour or booked in a hotel for the Christmas period, in that way we were always with people that we could relate to. Sadly this ended about 14 years ago when we had to be returned home because of political unrest.

Now we feel comforted to have this religious holiday at home with our Dog Pax, sometimes we may be invited to a dinner party at a neighbours home, who have no children like us,we then invite them around at New Year. So now we feel that Christmas/New Year is not hypocritical as we found it in the past so we do not have arguments with family members who we may only see every 2 or 3 years, now they do not want to see the both of us again.anyway

If you really have no-one to spend Christmas with can you arrange to have your day in a Hotel who is doing a Christmas / New Year party,could you go on holiday for the New Year with some of the tour Operators that visit Paris or some other country. Some of these tours are for young people who are travelling alone, you would be with like minded people who are there to celebrate Christmas, it is only a suggestion.We always found that Christmas and New year had more meaning for use when away as Christmas was less hypocritical . We were with people who were there for a good time and have no axe to grind.with you on this tetchy period

All the very best, keep a hold




Thanks a lot for your reply. Hopefully next year I can get away. xxx


Hi Trachet,

I know how you feel, I was writing something on my calendar the other day and realised there was only

one page (month) left on it!!

It seems like yesterday I bought the bloody thing, but a whole year's gone by and nothing's changed..

It's a depressing time of the year, well for me anyway, and I know it is for a lot of people..

Try n keep yer chin up, there's nothing else I can say.. Apart from that I can empathise with you!!!

Lots of love, Holly Xxx

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Thanx for your reply. Oh well my birthday is almost over thank goodness. Wine here I come!


I can't say I really like Christmas - I just remember it as being a time when people (particularly my mother) had such high expectations that none of us could live up to it and it all ended in tears. I tend to throw a feast for friends on the solstice and regard that as my celebration - though it doesn't mean that christmas itself isn't really hard - miss the friends and struggle with the relatives even now.


I'm not looking forward to it either. Even though I've got two children with me and lots of family, I just can't be bothered this year. Don't know why. Maybe it'll change closer to the time ...

Happy Birthday to you Trachet xx


I'm really dreading christmas too, it won't be the same without my dad

Jules :-(


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