cant cope anymore

at dr's today showed him a whole list of thinsg needed answers to or discuss .he read it but didn't discuss all of them he referred to some thinsg I had sent to him via email.still wont accept that I dont have IBS and dismissed me as usual.says bloods normal when I doubt they are cos I know I have thyroid symptoms and lupus symptoms.said rashe s could be anything(not just lupus)btu thought why don't you make a diagnosis then?said they had talked about me at their weekly meetings btu not what was said .felt so depressed when I got home.just so glad I have my dogs they are the only ones who show me any love.frol last 2-3 years everything is dismissed

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  • Drs really wind me up sometimes. It's so upsetting to read that. You are right, rather than just dismissing what your rash is not, they should diagnose it. If it were me I'd have asked them exactly what was said about me in this weekly meeting. Every time I go into hospital they say two things with my blood that's to do with my liver are elevated, but when I go to my go they say my bloods have always been fine. I went for an ultrasound, the scanner told me my tube ruinning from my liver to my stomach wasn't dilated - turned round to a trainee doctor in the same breath, told them it was and pointed it out. I'm not sure why drs dismiss patient but it's really starting to get on my nerves. I'm sorry you've had to put up with this for so long. The only thing I can advise is getting another opinion from another doctor? But often they liaise, like you mentioned with the weekly meeting. It's like talking to a brick wall sometimes :( xxx

  • Hello Abuma

    Many GP(s) are the same, have a second opinion within the practice, they may be at this moment in time are diagnosing Depression.. The second opinion may be able to explain what is going on in your body better just explain, look and listen. to what is been said,


  • silly question but has the doc given you any kind of diagnosis?

    thyroid blood tests i think give a more definite yes/no answer than lupus ones. meantime it might be a case of checking out healthy living advise for the conditions you believe you have, and asking----in a few months for repeat testing,

  • after 9 months of treatment from GP fro nasal sores ,scalp condition and facial rash referred to ENT who told me "its not sinuses" rhematologist went on about weight loss and nothign about symptoms.told gp these and no support?wouldnt re refer me.

  • have asked in writing to dr for re referrals-not done.

  • IBS is a diagnosis after other things are excluded, do you get diarrhoea? If so have they screened for coeliac disease since you've lost weight?

  • I was screened fro coeliac sometime ago btu not after I lost weight .as far as I can tell GP is not accepting i have lost weight cos scales don't show it(counterbalanced by increase in abdominal weight (11 + kgs in 7 years).i dont have diarrhoea or constipation and from nhs choices they say women over 50 dont get IBS.its known that Ovarian cancer is still misdiagnosed as bowel condition.i have this from other people who were misdiagnosed.i have OC symptoms-pelvic pain ,feelign the need "to go" and feeling "full"quickly,and cos of abdominal weight increase.plu smy stomach is 44-45 " whilst teh rest of me is a normal size 12.

  • Get a second opinion. If they won't do it, ring your local CCG and find out how to complain, if you put a message to me with your postcode I can find it for you

  • hi what is CCG?being ignorant?no offence how am i supposed to get a second opinion.i keep telling the dr s the same things over and over -its nothign to do with what I consume-weight gain (11kgs+)is all abdominal and with other sympotms-pain in pelvis feeling full and the need "to go"=are of dogs know it more serious

  • No one here is going to be able to diagnose you. If you're that worried you've got ovarian cancer, you could pay for a private scan at your nearest bupa hospital. Alternatively, go back to your GP, and say that you'd like your concern recorded on your notes. I don't know where you live, but in Wales they have a two week timeframe for suspected cancer referrals.

  • dr wont refer me despite my concerns cos he says scans are normal btu been told so many times by various people that scans and bloods arent conclusive-need to consider symptoms as well

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