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Community Guidelines - Reminder


Hi everyone

Just wanted to take the opportunity to remind all community members of the Action on Depression community guidelines.

This is a really great community, where members are helpful, considerate and respectful. I know there have been a few tense situations lately, however, and feel a gentle reminder would be welcomed.

In particular, a reminder of that: 'All members should conduct themselves at all times with respect and honesty.'


7. We want all members to be comfortable posting here. In order to ensure that, any post which causes alarm, harassment or distress to any person, whether or not intended by the poster, may be removed.


18. Any post considered to be advertising will be edited and/or deleted at the discretion of the support team.

Can I also remind community members to please report any posts you consider to be abusive or inappropriate posts. This flags them up to the admin team for review.

Thanks everyone, and I hope that by working together on this we can continue to keep this the fantastic community it is :)


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Thank you

Thank you Amanda

Useful. Thankyou ...

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