How old you need to be?

Hi everyone, I noticed some of you have been reporting post from new teen community members. So just a quick reminder that only people under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked:

If you don't know how to report users / content to admins and HU, please have a look here:

Thanks for the help!


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14 Replies

  • Thank you for that. I did know the age limit which is why I reported DeadBanana as s/he was only 13. x

  • Hi Simone and thanks for that, sorry I was a culprit as I thought you had to be 18,

    I do feel 16 is a bit young as I notice that people who post who are young meaning 16- 18 , Post but rarely more than once and I find that hard, as you never see or hear

    From them again.

    Anyway that's neither here nor there so thanks for Post


  • I didnt know it was 16 either. It does seem quite young however mature they are.


  • I so agree with you, Hannah... I believe the rules should limit this site to 18 and older... I am all for younger teens having their OWN site, however... There is a HUGE difference between most 16 and 18 yr olds...

  • Hello Simone

    Thank you for that explanation, I do agree with the age limitation as sometimes I was feeling that it would have been advisable that the Parent could have entered the site and asked the question on behalf of their Teenager and then they could broach the problem with the teen in the best way to present information for that child.

    One thing I have noticed when doing my Voluntary work however is that many teens who have something wrong with them can be very adult on their prognosis. This has always pricked my ears especially when it comes down to treatment plans. That is why I mention the Parent asking on the Teens behalf.


  • I agree with the age limits but can we please be a little more compassionate to the young teens who seek help here?

    We need to acknowledge their fears and worries as well as pointing them towards more appropriate sites where they will feel part of a a young community rather than this adult one.

    There have been some great posts offering support and pointers to other sites for young people. I'm sorry I could not find and copy some to help a confused young girl sharing her thoughts on self harm and suicide.

    Can we have a Pinned Post or something that shows support to younger teenagers and to point them to another supportive site?

  • I have to say that I agree with David196. It seems very harsh to tell a thirteen year old, who has included in their post references to self harm and thoughts of suicide, to say you are 13, delete your account you are too young. They are clearly not too young to be feeling that way and would be able to see their GP unaccompaied at that age.

  • Hi I'm sure they private messaged her and gave her help and support to find something else , Iv messaged the staff on here and there very understanding and caring, but follow the rules, so everybody is safe and gets the right support, so I think the young 13 old would of got the support she needed ( well I hope so )

  • Does anyone know what happened to the 13 year old girl after this door was closed to her? ??

    I hope she okay.

    It's a cruel world and some people just add to it.

  • Erm can I throw something in here, hope you don't mind. But maybe explaining, why there is an age limit might help those who feel excluded. Why it isnt practical or really possible.

    To my mind these are the reasons, please correct me if I am wrong...

    The thing is up to 15/16 and actually past that your brain is still growing developing believe it or not actually t goes on forever but the main of the connections are made up to that point, so you are still evolving as a person even if you dont feel like that. So your ideas thoughts and emotions will Change.

    Legally before the age of 16 your viewed by the law as a minor which means somethings cannot be openly discussed with you on a forum such as this for legal reasons. Its one thing to talk about something in person but to write it down can mean there are legal considerations that can be applied...I believe.

    Lastly even after 16 your hormones are still running riot and often depression can be due to surges in hormones, at which point you just have to ride it out.

    Now I havent explained this very well but maybe HealthUnlocked should consider a post, rather than just a write up in their manifestio that sits on the site to explan all this to new comers who are under 16....what do you think SimoneHU.

    Can I say Im not criticising just posing the question, hope that's ok x

  • Hi CarolineLondon,

    Thanks for this, great points!

    Since the restriction is the same across HealthUnlocked, it is less about depression particularities and more about overall child safety. I guess most people agree that people under 16 are more vulnerable to malicious activity?

    Even if the support they receive here on the community seems positive and appropriate, someone with malicious intent could easily reach out to them.

    How does that sound?

  • Wonderful, now all you need to do is find a way to make that obvious on the forums maybe you could create a banner?

    People dont generally read the T&C's and I only mention because as I explained the younger ones may feel they are being excluded for no real reason.

    Of course maybe someone should start a closed forum for the under 16's but that woulnt be , but I suppose there is child line for all that :-)

    Thank you.

    Oh and LOVE your website and forums, Im a member of three!


  • Thank you Simone that is very helpful x

  • Whilst I understand the need to protect those under the age of 16 they themselves might not. I do think that the reason for refusing them registration being for their own protection should be explained in the T&C, perhaps even a suggestion of where they can seek support. Being hormonal and very vulnerable, such refusal could be seen as yet more proof that society doesn't want them, to an impressionable mind.

    As far as 16 being too young, surely someone old enough to be married (albeit with parental consent) is old enough to partake in adult conversation.

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