Regarding concern that nobody is on this forum

Hello members

I would like to reassure you that there is administration and support on this forum several times a day on every day.

A post was removed from a member concerned about this issue as it was contrary to the community guidelines. They had a message of explanation sent.

Best wishes

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  • Thanks MAS_Nurse. I hear you. With online communities like this in order to have them be as far reaching, impactful and supportive we all have to try and give support to people out there.

    I feel like we as a collective have real power to positively impact people and thus the world also.

    If we are to make this community fully scalable, providing support to anyone, anywhere we as a collective need to help moderate our community and make it the best it can be. There are some really amazing and supportive people here and it's amazing to be part of it, even for the small amount of time that I have.

    247 moderation is always going to be tough. I'm super thankful that we have this free service.

    Let's keep up the good work and let's be excellent to each other.


  • Thankyou! I do much appreciate this service.

  • Thank you MAS Nurse. This was upsetting the whole community as well as using offensive language even when I asked the poster not to and pointed out the HU guidelines. Lil x

  • slowsloth1 nobody drove magic stars away

  • As I said nobody drove the OP away. The acc was cancelled as done many times before.

  • Ok slowsloth1 i'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Oh wait you've just joined I see. It stands for orginal poster.

  • Hi slowsloth1 have you been on here before under a different alias? You seem very familiar. Apologies if you haven't. Lil x

  • Hi Lilaclil -- I'm a bit confused as to why sometimes posts show as hidden? It's a bit confusing when following posts. Mind you I'm easily confused these days ...Mags

  • It means that person is no longer a member.

  • Or has unfollowed the site. x

  • Crazylazy there is someone on here who comes on repeatedly with difference alias's, stirs it up, then deletes the alias. They have been on here at least 4 times. This is why some posts are shown as hidden. x

  • Oh right thanks. People do funny things! 🙃 x

  • You always get the odd one who thinks this is amusing. It's how they get their kicks. Sad people.... x

  • Hello again @ flappyduck magic stars finding dory etc etc. Don't you ever get fed up?

  • Don't forget the other 2 (at least) x

  • It's certainly becoming very tedious Isn't it 😩

  • Yes flappyduck i agree with you.

  • flappyduck thats not very nice is it. I was agreeing with you about targeting innocent people.

  • Hi All,

    May I remind everyone, that abusive and inappropriate language or behaviour will not be tolerated on this forum and appropriate action will be taken by the moderators and admin team. Please take time to read the Community Guidelines and T &C's, which explain the purposes of this community and what is expected of all members who use this forum. We are a supportive community set up to support individuals who are experiencing depression and for their carers, family and friends. It is a safe space to share and support one another. Please be respectful of each other and behave responsibly and appropriately. Thanks.

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